Dateline   |  August 23, 2013

The Rescue of Hannah Anderson, Part 3

A close friend of Jim Dimaggio gives investigators key information about the suspect's troubled past.

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>>> new details in the manhunt for a missing 16-year-old girl from california and the man suspected of kidnapping her.

>> by monday, the county, state police , fbi and u.s. marshals work together had called out the national and international manhunt for dimaggio and his captive. 16-year-old hannah anderson, now missing for two days.

>> i was horrified.

>> dimaggio 's friend andrew could hardly believe what he was hearing, that his long time hiking and camping buddy was suspected of a double homicide and kidnapping.

>> how do you explain a tragedy like that? it's complete shock all the way around.

>> andrew , a social worker and mental health counselor recalls insights into dimaggio 's life at campsites at yosemite park. they talked about jim 's love of animals, one cat in particular, the big gray tabby, oliver.

>> this was his favorite cat.

>> and the friend knew that jim for many years had a close relationship with a san diego area couple, the andersons and that jim saw himself as a second dad to their daughter hannah .

>> it was nothing unusual.

>> he said jim dimaggio took on a similar role in his sister.

>> i think hannah represented what his sister represented growing up. a person that he could take care of and take on the fatherly role that his father didn't provide for him.

>> but jim 's father, james dimaggio sr . was a don't go there subject around the campfire.

>> he had said he had a bad childhood, but it was always vague and never really wanted to talk about it.

>> but it was jim 's sister who revealed to andrew unsettling stories of what she said was their father's physical and emotional abuse. she was proud, she said of overcoming their childhood trauma .

>> they had managed to break the cycle, the violent and abusive relationships. that jim is stoic and always held the emotions back and never brought it out.

>> and there was one episode involving their father that had a chilling, eerie, almost parallel tie-in replaying out with the son and hannah . a friend and high school classmate of jim jr., but she'll never forget her terrifying encounter with his father 25 years ago when she, like hannah , was just 16.

>> i remember he wore leather jacket a lot and jeans. kind of a greasy loser.

>> jim dimaggio sr . was her mom's one-time boyfriend.

>> i think they dated five or six months in november of '88 is when they split up.

>> the boyfriend had been told to take a hike. but one day he was back and now he had his eye on danielle .

>> he showed up right before my birthday with concert tickets. he says he was in love with me and asked me to runoff with him.

>> as bold as that. i'm in love with 16-year-old you, let's get out of here.

>> took the concert tickets and said no thank you. thought what a weirdo, you know.

>> eight months later, danielle and her boyfriend were asleep had if her mother's apartment. the kid brother in another room. 6:00 a.m .

>> woke up to a noise and look up and see a man climbing through our bedroom window.

>> did you see a weapon, a gun, a knife?

>> he had a sawed-off shotgun. proceeds to pull out handcuffs from his jacket and apple from the other.

>> does he handcuff you?

>> not me.

>> he handcuffs the boyfriend?

>> yeah. and put the apple on the end of the shotgun.

>> using it as a silencer.

>> that's what he told me.

>> the intruder covered his face with a stocking. but the voice told her it was jim dimaggio sr . he held the sawed-off on them for an hour. dimaggio sr ., doped up for sure, raging about danielle 's mother.

>> what happens next?

>> i thought to myself, this guy said he was in love with me. maybe he'd let me use the bathroom.

>> the bathroom was her opportunity. i said please don't kill us. i said don't worry, it will be over quick, you won't feel a thing. i begged him goen use the bathroom.

>> he said don't do anything stupid or else i'm going to kill your brother and boyfriend.

>> and then i saw my opportunity. i turned to the left and ran out the front door.

>> i made it up the stairs to the neighbor and i hear jim yell my name. and danielle don't go or come back. and my door slam. i thought for sure he was going to kill my -- i thought i had just killed my brother and my boyfriend.

>> you think he would have killed the both of you?

>> he would have killed us all.

>> dimaggio sr . fled without firing a shot. he was quickly arrested and charged but made bond and walked free to await trial.

>> he's not sitting in jail.

>> yeah.

>> you're fear continues. what happens when you're at school?

>> jimmy came up to me --

>> jimmy dimaggio the son.

>> jr.

>> the classmate. came up to me between classes and my father is out and he'll be waiting for you.

>> you bolted school.

>> and started a different high school a couple days later, i think.

>> danielle has been looking over her shoulder for the menace of jim dimaggio sr . ever since. she didn't know until recently that the man who terrorized her died six years later. the story goes, he did a lot of meth, wandered off into the desert and died. this month though the past came roaring back at her when she started hearing the name jim dimaggio all over the news. not her jim dimaggio , but the son she knew from high school .

>>> heard his name and my heart stopped.

>> here he is accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl that he may well have been infatuated with. was he acting out his father's life.

>> i was scared for her.

>> and so was andrew , who feared the timing of the kidnapping was not coincidental. andrew was now passing on to the fbi a worrying tidbit. the anniversary of jim 's father's death in the desert was just two days away .

>> i told them that i was pretty sure he had a homicidal and suicidal plan. i was pretty positive that he was going to try and kill hannah .