Dateline   |  August 30, 2013

On the Edge, Part 4

With their marriage on the upswing, and the foreclosure of their home on hold, Tim and Krichelle pick up odd jobs to make ends meet.

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>>> in the midst of all the heart ache surrounding the sadowski, a blessing. hospital bed, the couple's dying marriage took on new life. the second time with tears in her eyes telling me i love you, i'm going to take care of everything. at that point, i thank god, i felt like this was a break through in our relationship that i was hoping and praying for.

>> i just think of how great it is that tim survived this accident. we'll take him any way we can have him.

>> we were there to see krichelle's transformation from d disgruntled wife to devoted nurse. with no money to hire help and tim confined to a hospital bed, she tended to his every need, from feeding him to cleaning him.

>> it's very humbling, but it's also somewhat sad for me. because i have never been on this receiving side before. i believe it was, you know, fate that made this come full circle . i fell in love with my wife again. and i told her, when i'm able to get on my feet and take care of you again, i will.

>> by 2011 , his marriage appeared to be on the upswing. now they needed to figure out how to save their house . they hadn't made a mortgage payment in more than a year, the foreclosure notices had turned into threatening auction notices.

>> i'm sitting here in this bed, they're going to come and foreclose on our house and the sheriff's going to have to come and wheel me out in my bed, and they're going to pack all this stuff up and move it to where? i don't have to place to go, i need to keep this house .

>> krichelle began negotiating with the bank.

>> that's good. i spoke to someone from wells fargo , her name was adrian.

>> she pleaded with the bank sharing all the details of tim 's accident and managed to get a reprieve. the foreclosure process was stopped and for three months they would not have to make a mortgage payment.

>> i was thrilled because that's what i was hoping for.

>> that good news came several months after tim 's accident. he was improving, but three months was not a lot of time.

>> try and go to sleep.

>> this is really hard on both of them and it breaks my heart. i was just going to make that call to the bank.

>> beverly, krichelle's mom was in even greater jeopardy of losing her house . it was scheduled to be auctioned off in eight days.

>> time's ticking away, today's the 18th and the sail date is the 26th, i'm a nervous wreck.

>> she explained that her husband had landed new business and she rented out a room in her house .

>> can you repeat that? my heart's skipping a beat, what did you say?

>> she was able to convince the bank to modify and refinance their home.

>> it's been a long haul.

>> beverly knew she was one of the lucky ones and she hoped the luck might rub off on her daughter and son-in-law. tim was now able to get around on crutches.

>> he's going to go back to work and i'm going to go back to work, so we will be able to afford our house .

>> the mood improved around the house . they even found humor in their disaster rouse finances.

>> i'll ham going to a birthday party .

>> well, i'll get a card and put some money in it.

>> it will have to be an i owe you.

>> though they were able to laugh, their reprieve was quickly running out. as three months became two, became one, finding a job was their primary focus. but with tim 's injury, it wouldn't be easy.

>> what's the prognosis for your leg and your foot?

>> my foot doesn't work. i have to wear this boot to walk in, or my foot just will dangle.

>> so you have no control?

>> no, control, correct.

>> he was physically disabled, on top of that without a college degree , his job prospects were extremely limited in a dismal job market . is there a plan b ?

>> there's a plan b . i have imagined big crews before. i have completed big projects, payroll. i can do a lot more than just working with my hands.

>> but no one was giving him that chance, from project manager positions to starbucks.

>> i sent out maybe over 100, 150 online applications. and very few responses. when they do respond, they state that the position's been filled.

>> in the meantime, tim was able to do odd jobs , working for friends or neighbors. but his foot was so painful, he could only work a few hours at a time.

>> there's always pain associated when i'm doing physical. when i'm laying in bed and totally calm, the pain goes away after a while.

>> krichelle was also doing odd jobs , like watching the neighbor's dogs.

>> your dogs were easy. they paid me. i feel bad taking this, but i need it for gas.

>> and still looking for full-time work. but without a college degree , her resume wasn't attracting much attention either.

>> i mean i probably put in 80 to 100 applications. one interview so far and so far i didn't get the job. so it's tough out there.

>> they both acknowledge that they can't believe they've been out of work for so long.

>> the people who lose their jobs at the beginning of the recession, they have the hardest time to get back in. once you're not employed for a while, your skills are atrophying.

>> we asked questions.

>> what do you ask?

>> like are you guys going to stay together? are we going to lose our house ?

>> what answer do you get.

>> sometimes they say, we're all going to stay together and we're not going to move. but i don't think that's going to happen. i think some things are going to change.

>> what seemed obvious to the boys was only beginning to dawn on their parents. the three-month grace period from the bank was coming to an end. what would they do next?

>> it's still hard to sleep at night because on though we're in a moratorium, we're still going to owe all this money.

>> but the sadowskis were about to get a bit of a break.

>> are you happy?

>> i'm relieved.

>> but later, krichelle gets stunning news.

>> i'm really scared. i need