Dateline   |  August 30, 2013

On the Edge, Part 5

A secret about Tim's accident is revealed, and a resentful Krichelle considers filing for divorce.

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>>> during those pittsburgh couple of years of following the sadowskis, we have seen their marriage transform from shaky to hopeful.

>> i've now had this on for how long? this is my wedding ring that i haven't worn in several years. i'm going to start wearing it again. it felt right, i'm going to try.

>> but keeping their marriages solid wasn't easy. the looming question of how to save their house.

>> you ready? we're going to saddleback church for a counseling session for tim and i.

>> despite their best efforts, as the auction deadline approached, with no job, no money, the financial stress seeped back in their marriage.

>> i don't want to watch it on tv.

>> we're waiting for you, we have been waiting for you.

>> i washed my hands, i'm getting a drink.

>> okay, i'm just saying, we're waiting for you.

>> krichelle's barking at me because it's dinner time .

>> now that tim was able to take care of himself, krichelle grew resentful and she had a reason. there was something about tim 's accident that had been gnawing at her ever since she got that call from the hospital.

>> they said your husband's in a motorcycle accident and i said, well his motorcycle's here, i don't understand, he's at work. and he had two motorcycles, he had a motorcycle i didn't know about.

>> the harley you had hidden from krichelle?

>> correct.

>> where?

>> at a storage shop that i had.

>> because i would have said get rid of it.

>> get rid of it for money?

>> yes.

>> krichelle again started threatening to file for divorce, so tim got prepared.

>> these are divorce documents.

>> he secretly showed us the documents, dreading in case she ever went through with it.

>> i don't want a divorce, but my wife has said that she wants a divorce and then she tells me she doesn't. a week later she wants a divorce, the next week she doesn't. so not knowing. again, i know i want to keep the family together, but this is my other option right here.

>> krichelle continued to waffle on the divorce decision, mostly because of her boys.

>> i don't want to break our family up. i don't believe in that. i don't want to do that to my children. money isn't going to fix everything, i know that. all it's going to do is maybe give us a night of go to the movies and enjoy each other. we have no fun anymore.

>> is there still some love? i mean --

>> a little. you're going to force it out of me, huh? yes, i love him. he's a wonderful father, a great husband, and he's a good person.

>> but would that little bit of remaining love be enough to carry them for what was about to happen?

>> now it looks like we have got a new sale date.

>> the mortgage reprieve was over. the bank sent them a notice with an exact date their house would be sold at auction.

>> wells fargo called me and said they're going to proceed forward with a sale date tomorrow at 12:00 noon.

>> out of desperation, they called a company whose representative claims he could stop home auctions.

>> he says he can get us a last-minute stay. like an execution, i feel like. so we're going to the courthouse right now to find out if we got the last-minute save of the house. but so far we haven't heard anything. so as far as i know, it's going to be auctioned off. i don't know, do we have to move tomorrow?

>> we were there at the courthouse when they got a call.

>> how do you know?

>> they don't know how it happened, but the service they had hired was able to postpone the auction for two months.

>> are you happy?

>> i'm relieved. but i'm not going to celebrate. it's not over yet, so --

>> i'm feeling happy right now.

>> it is a big relief knowing that we're going to have a place to stay for the next two months.

>> how much longer can you stave off the actual foreclosure?

>> when you have really no money to go out and rent another place for your family, you have to stave it off for as long as you can.

>> one month before the deadline, reality finally sank in. the latest battle to save their house had again damaged their marriage. tim 's once thriving business was gone and unlikely to ever reopen. all their expensive possessions sold or repossessed. and despite years of hunting, no job offers for either of them.

>> thank you very much. that's ah smchlt awesome.

>> so as the holidays approached, and another year coming to a close, the sadowski finally decided to give up the fight. christmas 2011 would be the last one they would spend here.

>> mixed emotions. very mixed.

>> they would try to short sell their house. leaving behind all the money they had invested in it.

>> pretty much came down to either we're going to lose it to foreclosure or we're going to try to short sell it.

>> a short sale is when the bank agrees to let you sell your home for what's left on the mortgage. essentially the bank eats that cost. but for the sadowski , all the money they thought they had is gone, they walk away with absolutely nothing. second, a short sale is a very negative point on your credit report . it's not as bad as losing your home all together. but it's bad, it could be 200 to 300 points being taken off your credit report .

>> even with their whole world about to change, these resilient boys found joy in the little things .

>> thanks mom!

>> the past two years we haven't been getting much. but i'm thankful that we're getting a few things to tide me over for a while.

>> less than a month after they put their house on the market, they had a buyer.

>> i just got off the phone with the real estate agent and they informed me that the bank is accepting a sales price. and i'm running out of time . i need to go tell my husband that i just found this out and we really need to find a place to live and start packing.

>> the sadowski who had been on a wrenching journey, were about to face their most emotional moment yet.

>> i feel like i let my kids down.

>> as these parents contemplate the future.

>> i want to start being happy again.

>> they were finally forced to make the hardest decision of