Dateline   |  August 30, 2013

On the Edge, Part 6

Krichelle and Tim have to make a decisions about where they will live, and whether they can keep their family together.

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>>> are you ready?

>> early 2012 , the sadowskis were making plans to leave the house they loved.

>> there's a certain amount of relief that i feel now that we have decided to move forward with the short sale and not save our house.

>> but that relief came too late. after all that talk of a split, krichelle finally went to see a divorce lawyer.

>> i wanted to just talk to someone about getting some advice on either a legal separation or possibly a divorce.

>> none of this was a surprise to tim .

>> she doesn't know what she wants. and now that we're losing the actual house, she said it's a good time to split and go our separate ways . this has been going on for such a long time, that maybe it is time for us to go our separate ways . but it's not an easy choice because of my children.

>> they have lost so much and tried so many times to make their marriage work. now they both want to just start fresh and separating felt right for both of them.

>> we sat down last night with the kids and we told them that, you know, we love you, it's nothing that you guys did. you know, mom and dad just grew apart and we don't love each other like we used to and we're going to break up.

>> after they heard it, they went outside and started playing basketball together, they're usually fighting, 14 and 12, they're constantly getting on each other's nerves. this is one of the rare times i saw them both get up and go outside together and play basketball together.

>> they needed money to move. in a moment symbolic of all their loss, krichelle went to a jewelry store to pawn her wedding ring .

>> even though my husband and i are separating, this ring is still very important to me. 18 years of marriage and a lot of those were good years. i'll get it back.

>> here's your money. two, four, five. $2,500.

>> thank you.

>> i hope it helps.

>> it will. i'm using it to move.

>> oh, you're moving?

>> yes, start a new life. i'm going to miss the four of us, tim and my kids, all of us laughing together. saying silly things and laughing.

>> what do you want to get more crap out of your house?

>> they began the transition to their new householdi holding a garage sale selling reminders of better days .

>> in dining room table, i have had this as long as we have lived here. it's hard to get rid of it. i know it's a table, but it hurts.

>> soon, it was moving day .

>> as they packed the time boxes --

>> i remember that.

>> do you?

>> they were flooded with memories.

>> that's me and my motorcycle before my accident.

>> we have been here 14 years and we loved our home. one of the best communities. our home is a beautiful, wonderful home. it's just time to let go. we're going to take our memories with us. that's the most important thing.

>> a picture of my two boys last year. i'll keep that on my desk, keep it close to my heart.

>> it actually hurts my heart to see how cute they were, and now they're big and i'll never have them back again.

>> it's time to load this stuff.

>> the house they were raised in, and to go our separate ways , it's very difficult. they said they were sad.

>> i feel like i have let my kids down.

>> come on, you got to pick it up.

>> i feel like i failure.

>> when we began this journey with the sadowskis more than four years ago, no one imagined it would end this way, their home gone. their marriage over. and both tim and krichelle still looking for work. but still optimistic.

>> i don't know what's out there yet, and i'm not sure what door i need to open to find what i'm looking for, but there's going to be new opportunities for me out there. it's just been sad for a long time and now i'm -- i want to start being happy again.

>> this is kind of where we all live.

>> the sadowski could only afford to represent a one bedroom apartment.

>> a big, beautiful kitchen.

>> so even though they are divorced, they all live here.

>> it's small here living with four people. we fight a lot. not fight, but it's like tight.

>> they fight.

>> to ease the tension, krichelle sometimes stays with her sister.

>> occasionally we're both here at the same time. he does sleep on the couch and i sleep here. the only time we fight is when it's about money. we agree on how to raise our children, we get along very well.

>> once the crushing weight of saving their house was gong, the sadowskis had a new outlook. they both have simpler dreams for their futures, a decent place to live, and of course a dependable job with a solid income.

>> you know things don't buy happiness, we all that say that, but it really is true. i don't have any money right now and i'm very happy. so i have learned that you can be very happy without money.

>> you just got to keep thinking positive and that everything's going to change for the better.