Dateline   |  August 30, 2013

Posion, Part 3

Months after Larry disappeared, investigators made a shocking discovery - his remains unearthed in a vineyard in Northern California. The hunt for Elisa was on and when authorities finally found her, what a story she had to tell.

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>>> remote vineyard up on the northern end of california's central valley , a farm worker checking the outer reaches of a giant field. could see the giant birds wheeling and and around.

>> he spotted the vultures and so he went out there to see what they were circling.

>> two investigators worked with the san joaquin sheriff's department at the time. they were the first on the scene. it must have been some dead animal out there.

>> that's what he thought he was going to find, just a dead animal.

>> but it wasn't a dead animal, the leg that was sticking out of the ground was decidedly human and soon larry 's daughter tavia heard the news.

>> i got a call from the sheriff's department, i felt myself get really hot and nauseous. and she said that the body they found, the dental records , it was him. and i remember, never swear and i yelled out this cuss word. and i slammed down the phone and i just started shaking. it was a moment in time that i have never felt such anguish.

>> it's still raw even now.

>> it is, because i thought, i don't know, i thought, i guess i was hoping he was in hiding.

>> very fortunate that the body was discovered and now we can move on and investigate it as a homicide.

>> homicide? oh, yes. ample proof now, five months after he vanished. larry had been murdered and left to rot out here in the middle of nowhere .

>> there weren't any baboons or any bullet holes.

>> there were no obvious signs of larry 's cause of death . so they looked further. and found something very unusual.

>> the medical examiner was able to find out that the cause of death was poisoning with a horse tranquilizer.

>> a horse tranquilizer?

>> yes.

>> now that was strange. but get this --

>> he had been dead for an extended period of time, however the body had not decomposed consistent with the time frame that we were looking at.

>> meaning?

>> meaning that it was preserved, kept cold.

>> one of the first things i thought is, where would the person that killed larry , where would they have access to like a walk in refrigerator, large enough to hold a human body ?

>> detectives wanted answers. and so did larry 's daughter tavia who sometimes believed she could hear her father in her sleep.

>> when i would go to sleep at night, i would wake up and i would hear him calling for me to help him. and i didn't know what to do. and i didn't understand what was going on.

>> sometimes people get a sense of knowing either what or who was responsible. did you?

>> i knew elisa had done something.

>> larry 's younger wife elisa , she vanished a few months after he did, and now that larry was dead, she was the prime suspect in his murder. sheriff's deputies and the fbi finally tracked her down. in march 2002 in florida.

>> she cut her hair short and changed her name.

>> elisa was now going by the name of shane ivoroni and was work as a parallel at a law firm .

>> she had at least a 140 iq.

>> she could talk anybody into anything?

>> right.

>> now that she was found in hiding, she decided to tell her story, starting at long language with her legal name .

>> my name is laren-l-a-r-e nvrjs and my middle name is mari marie.

>> elisa or laren was from massachusetts and was a mother of two. she was wanted in florida for violating probation on a burglary and theft charge and had been on the run for nine years, she said. she eventually settled in las vegas where she met larry and by this time had changed her name to elisa . she told the police that she was at the horse show in arizona when she found out police wanted to talk to her about larry . and so she took off in her jaguar, drove from state to state.

>> where were you headed at this point?

>> i didn't know.

>> with the preliminaries out of the way, now came the big question. what happened to larry mcnabney? elisa , without hesitation and without even being asked, spilled the beans.

>> did i kill my husband? yes, i killed my husband.

>> there it was, no apology, no evasion, she simply confessed to killing her husband, larry mcnabney. but, and this was a butt with a capital b, that wasn't the whole story. not even close. coming up, the rest of the