Dateline   |  September 13, 2013

Unbreakable, Part 2

Rebecca enters a private FLDS school where she first encounters and clashes with the prophet's powerful son Warren Jeffs.

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>>> hundreds of children, as seen in their old yearbooks, were instilled with the teaching tenants of the flds faith, including rebecca musser, who was a student here for more than ten years. so this was your classroom. fourth grade.

>> fourth grade through 12th grade would meet here in this room. and mr. jeffs would teach morning class.

>> mr. jeffs was warren jeffs , the principal of alta academy and one of rebecca 's primary teachers. tall, slender. warren was one of uncle rulon , the prophet 's many sons.

>> warren was an authority in school. he was close to the prophet . and warren would talk to him every single day and kind of be his father's messenger.

>> this was the most private of private schools , away from the prying eyes of the outside world taught the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. that's when rebecca learned to play and love the violin. she also listened carefully to warren jeffs lessons and strict obedience. even if that did not always come so easily.

>> what was called holy was this level of obedience, this level of dedication and i strove for that. i didn't have boyfriends and i didn't sneak out and i didn't drink beer.

>> thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen . thank you.

>> warren jeffs knew how to have fun, though, or certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, in this rare video shot at school.

>> he was kind of goofy, a little bit of the nerdy.

>> but he ran the place with an iron hand , said rebecca , developing and dictating every aspect of the class curriculum. as if he had something bigger in mind.

>> there was always a calculated part of him, about what was going on and what the dynamic was and how it affected him and what his best move was. whether it was for power or position. but i fefr felt completely relaxed around him. and i'm not the only one.

>> very true, said fellow classmates.

>> heed doing things that were mentally abusive, and then it went physically abusive .

>> how do you know.

>> he implemented a school rule that if you got three outs or three late assignments he would beat you on the back of the legs with a yardstick.

>> including you?

>> he gave me one beating, and it swelled up a half inch on the back of my legs. i couldn't sit down very good for a week.

>> principal warren jeffs pointed out exclusive, like evolution, for example, didn't happen. or even men on the moon.

>> that's one small step for man.

>> that didn't happen either. which is how young rebecca first ran afoul of the prophet 's son.

>> i got to kind kindergarten and i remember so distinctly the day an astronaut came to visit our school and i was mesmerized. then i go to alta academy and somehow there was a discussion about astronauts. i spout out that, yeah, they've been on the moon.

>> and perhaps that moment was the beginning of it. the first skirmish, oh, but not the last. rebecca 's outburst earned her the first of many trips down the hall to warren jeffs ' office.

>> where he very strictly and sternly reprimanded me saying there's no way god would allow any mortal man to walk on the moon . it's only a trick. it didn't really happen, and don't you ever bring this up again.

>> by then the prophet rulon jeffs has announce that had the end times were upon them. he also announced that he would be the very last prophet . he personally would welcome back to earth jesus christ . in the meantime while they waited he told them they would have to be absolutely obedient to his every directive. the trouble was, rebecca was having more and more trouble being absolutely obedient to her principal, the prophet 's powerful son, warren jeffs .

>> i was always in trouble for being stubborn. and i would ask the question why? if god is the god of reason, how come this doesn't make sense? where is the missing link?

>> all the while rebecca understand that the church was choosing a future for her. just how it was.

>> for the women, they are owned. body, mind and soul. in their marriage covenance it says do you give yourself to your husbands of your own free will and choice? they all said yes. the alternative, after all, was damnation. besides, as becky developed into a smart, still faithful and very beautiful young woman , her prospects were extremely good. especially because of the particular person who expressed his interest, as everyone told her.

>> you'll be blessed. you'll have your salvation made sure.

>> because rebecca 's husband-to-be was the prophet himself. the by then 85-year-old rulon jeffs .