Dateline   |  September 13, 2013

Unbreakable, Part 11

One more piece of stunning evidence surfaces that could implicate Warren in specific crimes. Rebecca helps authorities make sense of it from her days in the FLDS.

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>>> there are new details emerging about what may have been going on inside that religious compound.

>> april 2008 , the nation's eyes were glued on what was happening in the desert of west texas . the ranch was crawling with texas rangers looking for not only a teenage girl who might be in danger, but also evidence of other underage brides, and there was one more place to look.

>> there was a sister building to the temple. and inside there was a vault.

>> this time a battering ram wasn't enough.

>> so we jackhammered through the wall to make entry. and sent ranger jesse valdez inside, and he was able to open the vault from the inside.

>> rebecca and the rangers entered, and immediately they knew they had hit the mother lode .

>> they had just tons, i mean, 400 boxes of physical papers plus all of the digital information , and it was all of these records.

>> we found church records, family records, and probably the most important thing was the priesthood records, the dictations of warren jeffs . his locations, his movements, his directions. really it was a road map to all the activities of the flds community.

>> every dictation, every record, every file had to be scrutinized page by page.

>> walking in there and going oh my goodness. look at all of this.

>> les is an investigator in the texas attorney general office and box by box, through literally millions of pages, they searched with the help of rebecca . she was very important about awe thebt kating the documents for us. she was able to give me the family background, all the lineage.

>> rebecca knew it all because she personally helped compile it.

>> i was there and i saw, i heard, and i was involved with helping to gather this. so the prophets' wives put all the personal records together, all the family records together.

>> marriages, babies, bloodlines. the whole intricate web. but there was one thing rebecca didn't know about. sarah barlow . the mysterious young woman 's whose call prompted the whole raid. that's because there was no sarah barlow . two weeks after the raid came a stunning surprise. the calls that triggered the raid were a fraud, a fake. the woman who made them from far away in colorado had nothing to do with the flds. her attorney said she suffered from multiple personality disorder . after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of filing a false report her case was dismissed. but rob parker , one of the attorneys who represented the flds, was furious about the actions of the texas rangers .

>> what they did is described a person who didn't exist, and used it to justify a complete search of the ranch.

>> families separated, children shipped away, some not returned for almost two months, a sacred temple defiled. sarah barlow may have been a fake, they said. but what warren jeffs was doing with underage girls appeared to be very real, an seize in these pictures seized during the raid.

>> do you carry around with you any sadness? guilt, something about how much you had to do to get that evidence against warren jeffs ?

>> no. no regrets.

>> no regrets.

>> we didn't create those circumstances. warren jeffs did.

>> but he obviously didn't see it as a crime.

>> he understood that the outside world viewed it as a crime. that society did. in the priesthood record there was a quote or comment they made that if the outside world knew what i was doing they would hang me from the highest tree.

>> the next several months they pain stakingly picked through oceans of paper work, looking for anything to link warren jeffs and other flds members to specific crimes. but there was a clue that had been discovered a few years earlier. remember when the prophet was arrested in 2006 ? one of the things found in that escalade of his was a rather disturbing audio recording . 3 f2 grabaci?n en el dos mil seis. belies the horror of what's really happening.

>> this is a horrible thing to listen to. it will just rock you. it's so horrible.

>> eventually the master copy of the recording was found, buried in evidence discovered at the yfc ramplg. ranch.

>> it just crushed your heart, for one thing, that you know what is going on and what is happening to that 12-year-old girl. that's something i'll never forget.

>> it was exactly what rebecca feared when she saw those beds in the temple.

>> not only had warren been the perpetrator and the predator on these young girls, but he had in a very twisted sense taken the thought, the idea and called it holy.

>> warren jeffs and nine other members of the flds were indicted on a variety of sexual assault charges involving underage girls. the prophet who had once been accountable to in one would again have to answer in court. this time facing life in prison . and once again the woman he once warned would be destroyed in the flesh would be the star witness against him.