Dateline   |  September 13, 2013

Unbreakable, Part 10

The Texas Rangers and Rebecca enter the sacred FLDS temple and discover something shocking.

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>>> it sparkled in the texas sun. its brilliant white spire pointing to heaven from the heart of the yearning ranch. the first ever temple of the flds. gleaming white glim stone every piece cut from the land it sat on. every square inch fashioned by the people of the ranch itself. every square inch sacred. but now the texas rangers were at the door, looking, they said, for the mysterious sarah barlow.

>> we recognized the temple was a symbol to those folks. and we didn't want to tromple on their beliefs. however we had not found sarah barlow. the search warrant states we search the premise. and obviously she could be hid there.

>> the temple 's giants doors were fashioned with heavy oak and heavily secured.

>> we asked them numerous times, please unlock the doors. we don't want to kick the doors down. but any cooperation wasn't green lighted by warren.

>> rebecca hadn't arrived yet, but she knew what was happening.

>> i was terrified. i didn't know what was in the temple . i knew hay they hold the temple sacred. if there was going to be an incident, it would have been over the temple .

>>> a decision was made. the rangers used a battering ram and at that very moment the temple was defiled, could never be a temple again.

>> the moment stays with me, the entry of the temple , the pounding on the door just echoed across and to me it just signified that the period that existed in secrecy or clothed for so many years was coming to an end.

>> as sergd hanna and others entered the temple , they marvel marvelled at the workmanship, the elaborate design, its decor.

>> i knew they may perceive it as defiling it, but i knew we took great measures to respect everything and not tear up anything that we had to. but whatever it took to make sure there wasn't a victim there is what we were going to do.

>> there was no sign of sarah or anyone else inside, but as they climbed they could see that each floor seemed to have special significance. as they rose the color of the walls, the furniture each changed. each floor distinctly different.

>> the third floor was white . and it was bril yapliant white . the drapes were white , the furniture was white , the carpet was white . you really did almost get the sense like if there's a room in heaven, i bet it looks like this.

>> and on the same floor, the rangers discovered something very strange.

>> two beds. and one bed was positioned and situated like in a medical clinic.

>> it was a murphy bed that could be pulled down from the wall. and several chairs surrounding it. and then in an adjacent hallway they found the parts of another bed, which had been disassembled. track marks on the rug suggested it had at some point been moved in and out of the white room . the rangers put it back together, and this is what it looked like. complete with railings and a kneeling bench at the foot of the bed.

>> we needed somebody to help us give us an understanding of the culture we were entering and the things we read that we didn't understand.

>> so two days after their initial visit the rangers took rebecca inside the temple with them.

>> when we got ready to go the top floor, the ranger told me, if there's any reasons that -- they had talked about beds on the top floor. if there's any reason other than what we might think that they're there for, we need to know .

>> the beds. seeing them, said rebecca , sparked a rush of memories and hearing uncle rulon and warren jeffs talking about sacred ordnances to be performed in their, at the time, future temple .

>> i remembered the horror that i felt in rulon jeffs home as rulon was describing this ordnance of a sexual nature where we would be taught the correct positions, the correct way to conceive a child. the laws of creation.

>> the beds in the temple , as far as rebecca was concerned that was confirmation that warren jeffs wasn't just teaching underage salesgirls about sex ordinances. he was actually performing them.

>> seeing that bed, seeing the chairs around it, all of the things that warren described, there was a part of me that hoped that no, that can't be right, but there was another part of me that knew, there it is. there's everything that you were ever taught about it.

>> but there was one more piece of evidence hidden at the ranch. a voice sitting in a secret vault that would shock even rebecca .