Dateline   |  September 13, 2013

Unbreakable, Part 8

Warren Jeffs is tried in Utah and Rebecca is  a  key witness against him.

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>>> warren jeffs was about to make history. for the first time ever a prophet of the flds, a man who spoke to god was going to go on trial. and what made it more dramatic, the case was a direct asaul on the religious practice. warren was facing two felon counts of rape as an accomplice of elisa wal, rebecca 's sister.

>> the most important thick to me was the real truth got out.

>> elise prepared to testify that warren jeffs ordered her to marry at 14 and ignored her pleas for help when she was sexually abused.

>> walking into the courtroom when warren was there, i remember looking at him and our eyes locking in an unbreakable death stare and holding my ground, facing him and not looking down, but to hold his gaze, it was like those shackles breaking away .

>> arranged marriages, underage brides, religious freedom all on trial. but it was also the first time that someone inside the flds would speak out publicly in a criminal case against the prophet. a grady courtroom camera rolls, alleging he enticed 14-year-old elis a into marriage and insisted she obey her husband and his sexual demands.

>> that man performed these ceremonies and told her -- that's why the defendant is an accomplice to rape.

>> but the defense team insisted what happened between elisa and her husband was her husband's doing. not warren jeffs '. the prophet had only offered advice on improving the marriage.

>> he talked about abstinence. he doesn't talk about promiscuity. there's no evidence that warren told allen, go ahead and rape your wife.

>> elisa was 21 by this time. because she was a minor when it happened, the camera didn't show her face when she was told how she was taught to always obey the prophet.

>> he told me that i was not living up to my vows. i was not being obedient.

>> but the prosecution needed more than elise's story. they need what had rebecca could tell them.

>> they said, we can prove that your sister was raped but your testimony links the whole thing to the crime. because you were in a prophet family. you were schooled by him and you understand the training and culture of this.

>> and so rebecca came to court and saw warren jeffs for the first time since she left short creek. and before she spoke, before she took the oath, she made a statement. not in words, in what she wore.

>> we were not allowed to wear the color red growing up. and warren had gone into extensive preaching about how evil and dark and immoral the color red was, so i thought, how could i send him a message that he never broke me? so i chose to wear the color red.

>> she testified how warren jeffs created, condoned and encouraged a culture ripe for abuse.

>> he would tell me that under no circumstances do you ever, ever, ever tell your husband no.

>> for two weeks warren jeffs watched in silence as the case played out before him, and then the jury took up the question, protection of girls.

>> i knew if he was to walk away a free man, it would just prove to the people that he had really truly was god's disciple.

>> it didn't take the jury long to reach a verdict.

>> mr. jeffs, would you please stand.

>> warren jeffs in his charcoal gray suit stood up to hear the krer verdict. somber and quiet as always.

>> count one is guilty to the charge of rape as an accomplice.

>> guilty on both felon counts. allen steve had been charged with one count of rape but denied the allegations. later he pleaded to reduced charges. two third-degree felons and was sentenced to 30 days in jail along with three years probation.

>> this has not been easy for us. the easy thing would have been to do nothing. but i have followed my heart, and i've spoken the truth.

>> and rebecca finally felt vindicated.

>> i spoke. i testified he was found guilty. and it wasn't like the world went into massive explosions or earthquakes. i just thought finally, it's over.

>> it wasn't over though, was it?

>> no.

>> in fact, it was just beginning. because a whole new and much more complicated case was about to explode deep in the heart of texas . and soon rebecca would find herself smack in the middle