Dateline   |  September 13, 2013

Unbreakable, Part 7

Warren Jeffs is captured after going underground and will now face charges brought by Rebecca's younger sister Elissa.

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>>> morrison. where was warren jeffs ? it was 2006 . warren jeffs was a wanted man, accused of arranging the illegal underage marriage of rebecca's sister elisa, thus sanctions rape. but warren jeffs had been underground for two years because this wasn't his only trouble. remember the other two lawsuits he was already facing? even the fbi couldn't seem to find him.

>> today warren jeffs was placed on the fbi 's ten most wanted fugitive list.

>> mind you, private investigator sam brown was hearing stories from his sources in the flds.

>> he was traveling around the country going from state to state to state to state and trying to stay hidden and lead this life of a gentile.

>> on the road, it appeared, the prophet wasn't exactly practicing what he preached.

>> he went to disney land and went to mardi gras and went to the trip clubs and had a good old time.

>> warren also turned up here in west texas , very rural west texas , where he was helping to oversee the construction of a brand new community for the flds. the yearning for zion ranch . far from the prying eyes of the world but in a state of consent when a person could marry was 14. here they would build a shining white temple for the church. the project was, to say the least, ambitious. a whole town went up around the temple. these were the most faithful flds followers and this place literally their place to way for zion. they farmed the land, raised the livestock, built the big quality homes for their many children and schools and machine shops and factories. a self sufficient little world.

>> they were no building codes in the county where he was building. they could just stard building something. in warren's mind it was god telling him to go out and find places of refuge.

>> warren jeffs oversaw construction and settlement of the ranch but never spent long stretches of time here or anyone else. one reason why he kept eluding law enforcement . and then in august 2006 , on a lonely stretch of interstate 15 near las vegas , a nevada state trooper spotted a red cadillac escalade that appeared to have no plins plate. he flashed his lights, pulled over the suv. the driver was a tall thin man.

>> his artery was open on the right side of his neck. i told him at one point is everything okay? you seem nervous?

>> the cop ran the tall man's license. it was the prophet and fugitive, warren jeffs .

>> i would like to announce the arrest of fbi 's top ten most wanted fugitive, warren steve jeffs.

>> sam broward hear right away about warren jeffs ' arrest and what cops found in the escalade. all kinds of disguises. wigs, sunglasses, cell phones , thousands of dollars in cash. prepaid c.c.s and phone cards . everything somebody on the run from the law would need.

>> including several computer drives. several. one in particular featured a rather odd recording of warren jeffs having a mumbled conversation with a young girl . 3 f2 hizo una grabaci?n particular, when the outburst went public, he had an explanation.

>> warren made the statement that the devil appeared to him at the pail lar of the light in his jail cell and deceived him and that's why he was saying those things.

>> and in spite of it all the vast majority of flds members continued to believe in warren jeffs , including rebecca's own mother who had no idea that her daughters were actively working against her prophet.

>> after he was caught, my mother called me, and she asked me who has charge against our prophet, and i wasn't going to lie to her, but i certainly want going to tell her either. and she said to me, well, honey, i hope it's not you or any of my children because i would rather see every single one of my children laid in the grave before any one of you stand up against our prophet.

>> it was the fall of 2007 when warren jeffs went on trial in utah, facing two felon counts of rape as an accomplice for the arranging the underage illegal marriage of elise walls. and one of the women against him was the woman he once called mother becky.

>> the last time that i had seen warren before that trial was in his office when he said i will break you. and he looked over at me, and i looked him square in the eyes and we both nodded slightly as if to say