Dateline   |  September 27, 2013

Toxic, Part 4

Time creeps by and the investigation is at a standstill. Holly’s family suspects foul play happened at Matt’s job.  However, things seem to improve, when a new detective with a fresh perspective takes on the case, three years after Matt’s death.

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>> narrator: holly mcfeature was up against its big time , two kiss, two still in diapers, she had lost the father of her children. the police couldn't figure out what happened to him, didn't even seem to be trying. the cash in matt's checking account was soon gone. and matt's insurance policy of $10,000 was way off, achkd it wouldn't be very much. she did what she had to do, took on several jobs at a time.

>> the children still needed food, they still needed a roof over their heads, a and that's exactly what she was doing, she was paying the bills and making sure the kids were taken care of.

>> narrator: the thing is holly mcfeature loved kids, not just her own, while matt's passion was hockey. holly 's passion was little league baseball . she threw herself into it after matt's death. baseball is how rebecca vega met holly .

>> our kids were in little leg together at that time.

>> narrator: in the spring of 2006 , before matt died.

>> holly was friendly in a way that it was intoxicating. it was like an intoxicating friendliness.

>> you just wanted to be around her?

>> you did. you wanted to be around her.

>> narrator: being with paula was how matt -- he was already sick by that time. so nobody knew yet how sick. he was sitting under this tree, all alone, said remember beck a can, watching the game.

>> you could tell that he was in pain. he shifted in the chair quite often.

>> narrator: and four days later, matt was dead. after the funeral, rebecca tried to comfort holly and help with the kids.

>> if she needed help with the children, if the children needed something, yes, it was just to kind of help her.

>> narrator: when the coroner's report came out and shocked everybody, holly told rebecca , of course, right away.

>> what did you think when you heard that he died of anti-freeze poisoning?

>> it's kind of the mystery of how this 31-year-old actually passed suddenly. he was poisoned.

>> narrator: but who would want to poison matt podalak, no enemies, no known enemies initial. holly told rebecca that the police didn't seem to be doing anything. but she had some leads of her own.

>> she suspected somebody at work?

>> she had suspected somebody at work.

>> narrator: and eventually, she told rebecca , the police did too.

>> they thought someone had poisoned him at work. the word poisoning just kept coming up.

>> krissy heard the rumors too.

>> there were some people at his job that might not have liked him. it was his uncle's company. i think people were a little bit jealous. he was supposed to get a promotion and i think there were some people that --

>> didn't think he get served it?

>> didn't think he deserved it.

>> narrator: all of matt's family members became convinced that somebody put anti-freeze into matt's drink, a little bit at a time. but one person who wasn't buying that theory was matt's brother, mark.

>> he didn't have any enemies.

>> narrator: matt had worked his way up the production line to supervise mark said and he was well liked by the people at phoenix industrial.

>> he wasn't this kind of guy that was going around picking fights with people. he was loved by his co-workers.

>> narrator: again solving the case of his brother's murder became mark's obsession. he collected stories from fact friday co-workers, from the streets, from friends. he fumed when the official investigation seemed to go nowhere. then after three frustrating years, one small change that made a huge difference. a new supervise in the cleveland homicide division took over matt's case. his name, detective sergeant mike quinn .

>> so by the time you took it over --

>> i took it over pushing three years. and i reviewed the file.

>> narrator: with fresh eyes, quinn went over the case, reinterviewed people who knew both matt and holly . and suddenly --

>> i felt a completely dirmt sense of what was happening.

>> narrator: now says mark, when he called with questions or suggestions, he felt like somebody was listening, especially when he told him what he was hearing on the street.

>> i told him, maybe this is something that could help you. maybe you could look into this?

>> you heard things?

>> it's a really close knit town, there was chatter out there.

>> narrator: strange how that chatter seemed to particular on one particular