Dateline   |  October 04, 2013

'Deadly Intent' part 3

Connie Hoagland survives her injuries. While in ICU she provides investigators with key information.

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>>> september 2010 may well be remembered as hoagland month. for san diego 's busy bomb squads . this picture perfect family suddenly seemed to be the target of a relentless campaign of terror. first there was the cell phone device placed inside a fedex pack found just down the street from the hoagland home. then there was the pipe bomb that detonated inside connie hoagland's pickup. and now there was a mysterious fedex box addressed to jonathan hoagland but delivered to his high school .

>> i guess it had something to do with the car bomb that was -- happened last week. it may be from the same person, so we're not sure.

>> immediately the school was shut down because now we still wasn't sure who was going to be involved.

>> reporter: the box was removed and destroyed. inside investigators were hoping to find some evidence that could lead them to the bomber. instead they found party favors that jonathan had forgotten he'd ordered for a high school dance.

>> something that he was in charge of getting, and he didn't remember it.

>> reporter: but it shows the state of mind at the time.

>> pretty rough, school's closed down, bomb squad coming out, everything.

>> reporter: while this particular event turned out to be a bust in terms of finding any workable evidence, luke and beals believed the bomber had to be somebody who knew the hoaglands, knew where they worked, where they lived, knew their routines and had access to their cars. the only problem was that connie , a devout christian and mother of three, had no known enemies. but luke and beals had one witness who might be able to shed some light on that part of their investigation. a witness they had yet to question. connie hoagland.

>> always i had a sense that she was going to live. i don't know why, but i always knew that she was going to live. i just didn't know how.

>> reporter: sedated and in icu after having gone through seven different surgeries to save her right foot and left leg, and yet somehow still alive.

>> i remember coming out to the truck, put in the key and then kaboom, just a huge explosion. it scared me. i first i thought maybe the air bag went off.

>> reporter: smoke, flames?

>> smoke started filling up and i looked out the door to -- and i noticed the truck started to move. and my feet and legs hurt really bad. i could tell, oh, that hurts. i thought i have to get out of the truck. so i pushed the door open, started to get out. i did not want to see my injuries. it felt so bad, it felt like my feet were blown off.

>> reporter: what did you think had happened?

>> i don't know. i really just laying there, i thought it was a random act.

>> reporter: and so she says she was stunned when investigators first spoke with her in the hospital.

>> and the police told me, this bomb was meant for you. and that was weird. i couldn't even digest that. like you're kidding me.

>> reporter: and they say to you, who does not like you enough to try to kill you?

>> they did ask that. i could think of no one. i really don't have any enemies. they said it's somebody who knows the code on your truck. it's somebody who knows where you work.

>> reporter: who knows your routine?

>> yes. but it's still nothing.

>> reporter: that's not too many people.

>> no, but --

>> reporter: that's like what, your husband, your kids and a couple close friends?

>> that's true. but who would do that? not them.

>> reporter: and standard police procedure is to say after that, so how's your marriage, how's everything in your marriage?

>> i said everything's fine.

>> reporter: but in her heart, she knew that wasn't quite true. after 25 years of marriage, larry seemed to have grown tired of her.

>> the last few years weren't that good, but i thought we were still committed and just hanging on to the commitment of that time.

>> reporter: did he act like he didn't care about you any more?

>> yes.

>> reporter: that has to be heartbreaking.

>> yeah, it was.

>> reporter: you ever think about leaving larry ?

>> it never crossed my mind. in the church, divorce is really frowned upon. if you can work it out, work it out.

>> reporter: how was larry at the hospital?

>> pretty stand-offish, which was normal for us at that time.

>> reporter: the truth is there are a lot of bored husbands out there in suburbia, but few ever go on to try to assassinate their wives. and connie certainly didn't believe that was the case here. neither did detectives. when you first meet larry , was he a suspect?

>> no, he was not. he was the victim's husband. we didn't really focus on larry that much.

>> reporter: so eric stallmacher, the former bomb squad commander, remained on everyone's radar screen. he was constantly by larry 's side at the hospital and still wanting to pitch in on the investigation.

>> i called the investigator friend of mine and said, hey, you know, can i come in and talk with you.

>> reporter: detectives thought the time had come to bring in stallmacher for questioning, but before they could speak with him, they received another phone tip, one which would send this investigation in a whole new direction.

>>> a new direction, a new