Dateline   |  October 12, 2013

'Burning Suspicion' part 7

Investigators challenge Brett Seacat, who defends himself.

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>>> when brett seacat arrived for that chat with investigators looking into the death of his wife vashti , it was as if he could finally relax after the worst two weeks of his life.

>> honestly talking to you guys distracts me from all the thoughts that eat me up of late. so actually i do better in this room.

>> i did little talking. i did very few questions. we basically let mr. seacat go and he talked for multiple hours.

>> brett knew the rules, of course, had to know he was very much a person of interest. but he was content to chat back and forth for something like seven hours. didn't bring a lawyer with him. didn't ask for one. even when the investigators zeroed in on what they saw as holes in his story.

>> i think you know that. we want to make sure we get all the fact right and get to the truth.

>> what you want to know?

>> brett willingly answered almost every question they had. like why there was no real evidence on his body to back up his story of what he did the night vashti died.

>> you had no blood on you when you supposedly picked her up in the bed and held her to you close.

>> no, i didn't hold her to me close.

>> you had no fire on the bottom of your feet. if you walk through fire, you should have some kind of injuries besides a small injury on the top of one of your feet.

>> i don't know why the bottom of my feet were burnt. i had a weird black charring but you guys have pictures of that. did i know that i stepped in any fire? i don't.

>> the investigators were also starting to think that the note in the journal was forged.

>> to be honest with you, when i looked at that notebook, i'm going, this ain't right because, well, it slants one way part of the time and slants the other way part of the time and these are different.

>> looks like her handwriting to me but it's not my handwriting.

>> why on the friday before she died besides destroying cell phones, brett spent time in his office with the door locked which is unusual at the training center.

>> oh, my god. you know why it was locked. i was crying.

>> you had the door locked and what was you looking at?

>> at my divorce paper.

>> problem is, brett , you're in love, still in love with her.

>> yeah, i am.

>> and she was going to leave you. there was no doubt about that.

>> that's not why you kill people.

>> some people do.

>> you have no idea how impossible it is.

>> well, the reno owe.

>> could he answer the central question? explain the thing that didn't make sense to anybody? why vashti , even if she was intent on suicide, why she would destroy the house too, why set it on fire.

>> she really did not like that house. we were going to have to fix it up and we didn't particularly have the money or resources to fix it up. and she -- she started really hating that house.

>> but at its heart said brett , vashti 's reason might well have had more to do with vanity.

>> she was a very, very beautiful girl . and always thought about what people would see. i think she might have shot herself and then assumed that her face would be really messed up so she lit a fire and charred herself.

>> sitting just a couple of feet away, agent falletti, all but shook his head and said he didn't believe it.

>> we asked him if he thought if he was sitting in my shoes interviewing me and saw the things that we saw and heard what he had told us, would he think that things just didn't add up?

>> oh, god, yes.

>> but you see where we're coming from?

>> yes, i do. this is a hundred times worse than i had pictured in my mind. before i just thought i lacked any evidence and now you're saying there's a lot of evidence that i never knew existed.

>> well the hard --

>> it looks real bad.

>> things are not looking good and they're adding up that you had something to do with this and wanting to know were.

>> oh, no, there's no why, okay? i didn't do this. i loved vashti .

>> i'm sure you did.

>> do.

>> i'm sure you still do. but people do things to people they love.

>> i wouldn't [ bleep ] my kids like this, ever. i wouldn't do it [ bleep ] to her family or to [ bleep ] my family. i don't -- i didn't want to give up vash. i fought hard to try and keep us together.

>> in fact, said brett , if he had murdered vashti , he'd have made a better job of it.

>> i'm smart enough, if i wanted to kill my wife, it would have been a lot -- i could have come up with something better than this. this is [ bleep ] insane. this is what a crazy person does.

>> not necessarily. crazy in love , crazy for his kids.

>> don't try and twist it around.

>> i'm not.

>> then falletti got to the point.

>> did you hurt her?

>> no.

>> did you pull the trigger?

>> no.

>> did you kill her?

>> no!

>> brett left the station then, went to be with his boys and whatever his thoughts may have been. but not for long because no matter how adamant brett 's denials were, they just didn't add up to the kbi. however depressed brett said vashti was, it made no sense she would have lit the house on fire with her two sleeping sons in harm's way. the next day brett seacat was taken into custody. he was formally charged three days later.

>> brett seacat did then and there unlawfully, feloniously, intentionally and with premeditation kill vashti f. seacat . the bond is $1 million.

>>> he was also charged with arson and endangering his children. brett could not make bond and so remained in jail to await a jury's decision about what really happened in the seacat home in kingman, kansas in the early hours