Dateline   |  November 08, 2013

'Miracle on the Sunset Dive' part 3

In the chase plane, engaged couple Chad and Amy watch as their friends Dan and Sarah are caught between the two planes.

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>>> we've seen what happened on the lead plane. now what happened on the chase plane where the story gets even more harrowing. amy olson and her fiance chad ebling were in the back of the chase plane when they reached their altitude of 12,000 feet. pilot blake wedan was at the airplane controls, sarah on the step hanging on to the step that connects the fuselage to the wing. dan 's girlfriend trish roy was making her way out the door ahead of amy and chad when it happened.

>> did you see the other plane?

>> yeah, absolutely.

>> was it where it was supposed to be?

>> not at all. you know something's not right and it doesn't stop. they are coming at each other like magnets and sarah 's furthest out on the plane and you know she's going to get hit hard.

>> oh [ bleep ].

>> dan was out there, too.

>> uh-huh.

>> and the two of them --

>> sandwiched, really.

>> get sandwiched between two moving aircraft.

>> yeah.

>> what was the impact like?

>> just deafening sounds. debris flying everywhere. the sound of the glass breaking.

>> sarah and dan were caught between the two planes.

>> i don't know why i'm still alive as it is. our prop is only two feet behind us. i was certain it was coming to me.

>> it looks as if almost the plane stop and holds you there for a second.

>> yeah.

>> how long did it feel like to you?

>> it felt like forever.

>> sarah 's hand was pinned between the aircraft.

>> i felt my hand being squished and for a split second thinking, how am i going to get out of that?

>> dan heard trish cry out.

>> yeah. i will never forget that scream that came out of her mouth.

>> she saw those planes coming together.

>> yeah. all i saw was white. and that's certainly not right.

>> and that's the impact?

>> yeah.

>> what did you feel?

>> god, the sound of the prop just grinding through metal. i kept thinking like, i'm going to die. in a second i'm about to die. there's no way i'm going to survive this. and then the explosion -- i was still pinned when the 182 exploded against me and i felt the heat.

>> once the wing went and the flames, felt the heat, was able to roll off, do something, but i'm able to get free.

>> she went spinning earthward.

>> she was basically ejected. she didn't try to hang on or anything. and same with trish .

>> all i was doing was just holding on for dear life for an opportunity to let go of the plane. then the 185, i believe, averted and i was -- had a clear space to actually let go.

>> dan let go and went into a 200-mile an hour freefall but amy and chad were still trapped inside the plane which had been flipped over by the collision.

>> none of us knew that we were upside down when this was happening.

>> so the plane --

>> the plane's inverted.

>> you have no idea because it's happening so fast.

>> no clue. we thought it was our plane blowing up.

>> could you feel the heat of that fireball?

>> i felt like it was a movie, when the fireball came into the plane.

>> where were you?

>> behind the pilot. there's pieces flying into that. i mean, i got smacked into the face with debris and cut my lip open and there's stuff flying everywhere.

>> you heard the pilot yelling?

>> yeah.

>> blake ?

>> yeah. [ crying ]

>> it was very, very loud and --

>> it's a deafening --

>> yeah, very distressed go.

>> that's what half of this nightmare is about, his scream. because when you know you have to get out of the plane -- we thought our plane was exploding.

>> blake , the pilot was fighting to get that plane right side up.

>> the plane was inverted. blake tried to recover that.

>> we watched the tape amy made with her helmet cam .

>> you got to the door, scrambled to the door. and just what did you do? launch yourself?

>> yes, just go.

>> i watched amy work her way out of the plane and watched her dive out, got away from the plane. i did the best myself as well.

>> amy threw themselves out of the aircraft and into fiery chaos.

>> what was around you?

>> it was fireballs and people and parts of the plane flipping and flailing. i thought both planes had exploded.

>> i'm looking at you and i know you've seen that several times but your jaw's hanging open.

>> yeah. it's -- there's three parts that kind of replay over and over and over again in my head and that's the first one, is watching the plane come up. it's so quick in the video but at the same time it's so slow, watching sarah get hit. the second one is me screaming and the third one is the pilot screaming.

>> that's the pilot?

>> that's blake telling us to go.

>> here's the view from amy 's camera as she fell at 120 miles an hour.

>> can you describe what you were thinking at this particular moment?

>> it's a long freefall. longest 47 seconds of my life.

>> the chase plane skydivers were all in freefall amid the flaming debris. but where was blake , their pilot. he had screamed at the top of his lungs insisting that they jump and save themselves. but what happened to him? clinging to the controls of the badly damaged cessna.