Dateline   |  November 13, 2013

'Secrets in Pleasant Grove' part 3

Desperate to find a live-in nanny for his four younger children, Martin hires a woman by the name of Gypsy Willis. A woman with whom daughter Alexis was already quite familiar.

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>>> there are many kinds of grief. struggling with the angry kind. not angry with their mother for dying. no. it was what grew from the suspicion they felt that their father was hiding something very bad. but still, there were practical matters to deal with, such as who should care for the four younger macneill children? alexis returned to medical school so rachel volunteered. their father martin insisted they find a nanny instead right away.

>> he asked me -- he demanded that we go to the temple to pray about having a nanny which was very strange because my father was not a very spiritual person at all.

>> and there outside the temple they were approached by a mysterious brunette.

>> she said, oh, i was at the funeral and i am so sorry for your loss and my father said, oh, i'm sorry, i only -- what's your name? and she said, my name's jillian . and my father said, oh, okay.

>> about a week after that encounter, martin hired that friendly, sympathetic woman and told his daughters --

>> oh, i found the perfect nanny. i found someone that's going to be great. and i said, dad, what's her name? and he said, oh, it's jillian -- i think it's jillian .

>> the name, jillian , didn't mean anything to rachel. but alexis --

>> i said, dad, i know that woman. i know mom was concerned you were having an affair with her.

>> an affair? well, yes. or at least before michele died, that is certainly what she suspected. so worried about it she asked alexis to help her find out for sure.

>> my mom confided in me about everything, all of her feelings, her concerns. and so i took his cell phone and was able to download his password and we did see a number that my dad had been calling quite a few times.

>> you hacked into his phone?

>> uh-huh. yeah. we called the number. and a woman answered and then hung up right away. so i paid for an online search and it came up with a name. and it was gypsy jillian willis.

>> gypsy jillian willis?

>> yeah. i mean, at first we had no idea -- gypsy, what kind of name is gypsy? we thought maybe it was a stripper. but anyway, my mom with that information, with the lady's name went to my dad and confronted him.

>> martin denied everything, said alexis . and then the very next day he made a suggestion.

>> my father came to my mom and told her that she needs a facelift.

>> that is -- i mean, lots of women decide they want facelifts.

>> yeah.

>> but when their husband comes and says, you need one --

>> yeah. it was really out of the blue.

>> the facelift that preceded michele's death. and now here was gypsy jillian , martin 's choice for a live-in nanny, someone after a couple weeks after my mom's death.

>> martin 's daughter were furious. they wanted to know what other secrets their father had been keeping. they expanded their investigation.

>> my sister put a blog up and was asking anyone with any information about my father to contact her. we discovered he had had so many different affairs. there were a lot of things that came out.

>> with their aunt linda, they took all of the information that they had gathered on martin and brought it to the authorities.

>> pushing and pushing to get them to investigate.

>> the local police had never investigated michele's death as a crime, not from the very first day. and remember that coroner's report, michele's death was caused by heart disease .

>> for us to be able to overcome something like a medical examiner's office that says she died of natural causes is a huge task.

>> but the women were relentless. they met with jeff robinson and doug witney who worked for the county attorney .

>> did you take them seriously right off the top, the daughters?

>> not really.

>> but then they started to look at some of the evidence the amateur sleuths had gathered.

>> they started to challenge a lot of things that their father, who he was, what he was, what he was doing. and we thought, you know what, i'd like to find out if he really is a doctor.

>> yes. martin did have a medical degree but he fraudulently got into medical school ?

>> he obviously took somebody else's. there was a different date of entrance, different date of graduation and all of them were straight a's.

>> then they dug deeper and found out before he faked his college transcripts, martin was convicted of forging checks. now to investigators the respected doctor was looking at anything but respectable.

>> this tells me that this is not the guy that goes to church every sunday with this family.

>> so there are two martin macneills?

>> there are two martin macneills.

>> still doesn't mean he murdered his wife.

>> no.

>> but martin 's daughters, they looked at the list of offenses, the fraud, the infidelity, how he encouraged their mother to have surgery and take so many drugs afterwards and they were certain their father killed their mother.

>> he betrayed us to our very core. i mean, everything that we thought in our life was just all shattered.

>> it's all a sham.

>> it really is. it's been a whole sham.

>> but not everyone in the family felt that way. damian, martin 's only son, stuck by his father.

>> he had a hard time after my mom died. i had talked to him about my concerns and he didn't want to believe that my father was capable of killing my mom.

>> but alexis ' conviction was absolute. every time she stepped foot in her parents' home, only one thought went through her mind --

>> this is where he killed her.

>> and yet there was still no hard evidence that martin killed michele. almost two years went by. martin and gypsy still carrying on in plain sight. but then, in january 2009 --

>> suddenly they are both arrested?

>> yes.

>> yeah.

>> but not for what people