Dateline   |  November 13, 2013

'Secrets in Pleasant Grove' part 5

Martin is finally arrested for Michele’s murder. Now the showdown between daughters and father will play out in a Utah courtroom.

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>>> what a strange thing it was, that the day martin macneill was charged with murdering his wife, his daughters' only regret was that it had taken five year gs.

>> i think my dad really got off on seeing what he could get away with.

>> when the trial began on october 17th , provo, utah, martin was noticeably pale and prosecutor chad grunander was afraid.

>> you maybe had the impression that the guy was guilty but proving it was not going to be an easy manner.

>> it's going to be difficult to wrap it all up early and give the jury this nice little box with a bow on top.

>> gypsy willis and the defendant --

>> the prosecution told the jury that martin drugged and drowned his wife michele, that he made a plan to get rid of her when he had a love affair with that woman named gypsy. and that once he dispatched michele, he was practically gleeful, even on her funeral.

>> he was smiling and saying that he would have to get used to a life as a bachelor.

>> how callous. but as for evidence that he murdered her, remember, the autopsy said heart disease was the cause of death , not murder.

>> this case is a puzzle with many pieces.

>> your wife is unconscious?

>> she is unconscious. she's underwater.

>> first piece, they said, was martin 's behavior during the 911 call. martin seemed angry. he hung up on the operator.

>> okay. do you know how to do cpr ?

>> i'm doing it.

>> okay. do not --

>> first responders had trouble finding the house. when they finally did arrive, they said martin was acting soer r soer erratically, it made them nervous. and while martin , the doctor, was performing cpr --

>> he was kind of yelling at her, why did you do this? why did you do this? and then he struck her in the chest with one of his hands.

>> but when the police took over, remember --

>> she expels three to four cups of water.

>> and what would have happened had he done cpr , she would have already expelled that? is that what you're saying?

>> i believe so.

>> and remember how martin said he found his wife head down in the tub, her legs sticking up over the edge? prosecutors showed how his account differed from that of every other witness, even his then 6-year-old daughter, ada. this is a police interview with ada recorded in 2008 .

>> was she all the way in the bathtub or just part way in the bathtub?

>> all the way.

>> please raise your right hand and take an oath.

>> and then the woman at the center of it all, the woman who so captivated martin , the mistress. and, they said, the motive.

>> my name is gypsy willis.

>> gypsy told the jury an online relationship with martin turned sexual.

>> it was a very casual thing. just whenever we had time and it could be arranged.

>> okay.

>> and it was --

>> go ahead.

>> i think we probably had sex half the time. i mean, sometimes it was just lunch.

>> the very day after michele's death, gypsy took a sexy selfie and sent it to martin .

>> there was one picture that was a little suggestive.

>> showing your buttocks?

>> yes.

>> it wasn't long before gypsy moved into the macneill house, supposedly hired as a nanny.

>> if i told you that others testified that you were not much of a nanny in terms of cooking and taking care of the children and instead staring goo-eyed at the defendant, what would be your response?

>> my response is that when the adult children were home, i deferred back to hem and went back to studying my nursing. i did actually help with the children.

>> though gypsy never did marry martin , they did have marriage date of april 14th , 2007 , the date that michele was buried. and remember, gypsy had to testify as part of her plea deal. probably didn't want to.

>> she clearly minimized their relationship but i think in so doing the jury saw that.

>> but just to be sure, the prosecutor had gypsy read love letters martin wrote to her from federal prison .

>> i love you and miss you every minute. i can think of nothing but how wonderful you are.

>> so gypsy, said the prosecutor, was martin 's motive for murder. that is, if it was a murder and if it was, was she involved?

>> in light of all this information, are you telling us you don't know anything more about michele's death?

>> that is correct.

>> do you believe she had something to do with it?

>> well, as far as the actual death, we have no evidence to show that she did. as far as being a co-conspirator, talking about it, the evidence speaks for itself.

>> and so gypsy's turn was over. outside the court she said she was overwhelmed by all of the attention.

>> frightening experience.

>> testifying here today?

>> being in court at all. i never had more than a speeding ticket to this point.

>> of course, as we know, that wasn't even close to being true. and back in the courtroom, the jury was finding out that gypsy wasn't martin 's first mistress.

>> is it fair to say that you and dr. macneill began an affair?

>> yes.

>> this woman said she cannodled with martin . and what sounded like a prescription for murder.

>> did martin ever describe to you a process of making someone have a heart attack ?

>> yes.

>> specifically, what did he tell you?

>> there's something you can give someone that's natural so that it's not detectable after they have a heart attack .

>> miss somers, please raise your right hand.

>> and then the much anticipated showdown. daughter versus father. after years of digging, collecting, and persuading others that her father was an evil, guilty man, alexis was about to take the stand. but the defense was about to argue alexis had her own problems with the truth.