Dateline   |  November 14, 2013

Sneak Peek: Ryan Ferguson is Free

Tuesday, Ryan Ferguson was freed after serving nearly 10 years in prison due to a wrongful conviction. Tomorrow, Keith Morrison shares his story.

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>>> and coming up friday on "dateline "dateline," we're there as ryan ferguson walks out of prison a free man after nearly a decade.

>> it's surreal.

>> the story "dateline" has followed for years. the young college student accused of a holy wean night murder he swore he didn't commit.

>> i have nothing to do with this case.

>> there were fingerprints, footprints, strands of hair, but none of it matched his.

>> so scary that this can actually happen to someone.

>> you've seen his fight.

>> now ryan's first primetime interview since being exonerated.

>> it was just pure relief.

>> and the dramatic, final chapter .