Dateline   |  November 22, 2013

'Nowhere to Hide' part 4

With gunmen searching the mall for victims, the ordeal for two mothers continues. Thousands of miles away, one husband and father doesn't know if his family is alive or dead.

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>> reporter: for 3 1/2 hours after armed gunmen stormed the westgate mall , two mhers trapped. katherine walton crouched for cover with three young daughters under a temporary kiosk, gunmen nearby. and faith wamboa, she and her two children played dead all that time. they moved once and were instantly shot at. as a man approached them. faith held her position. but he wasn't a terrorist. he was a police officer .

>> baby, baby, touching my daughter. baby, baby. are you okay? are you okay? i said, in my mind i am thinking this must be a good person. they want to find out if you are okay. not are we alive? are we okay. then he said it is safe. it is safe. it is the police.

>> faith's 9-yr-old daughter, was the first to move. my daughter put up her head. and asked him are you with the bad guys ? because, i mean, i was still looking down at -- i was scared. i thought now we have come where we are. my daughter put her head up. engaged the policeman in a conversation. are you the bad people ? then said mama, look up. and then almost against her instincts, fth began to trust.

>> when i looked up i had seen his civilian jacket. i didn't know who he was. i wasn't going to trust somebody except if they're in a uniform. then he -- as he sat up. then i saw his shirt. i was able to recognize the uniform. and then, he said, it's fine. i am going to lead you to safety. get up. desperately afraid to move. faith agreed it was time to make a run for it. still worried that gunfire would erupt again. faith slowly got up and crept towards the xiexit with her children.

>> i remember seeing a body, laying there as we ran out. i said i am focusing on where we are going. there was the policeman, carrying my daughter. was running to fast. way ahead. the one with my son was lag being hind. i am thinking don't separate us. i kept saying, my son, my son.

>> reporter: after all those hours, forced to keep her children quiet, they were finally out. i am crying now because i am free. there is all these tears of joy.

>> reporter: in his hotel room , 6,000 miles away in sherry lchwartherry ch arlotte, phillip walton could only hope his story would have a happy ending. he was combing through kenyan news reports he saw on social media .

>> i remember one, specifically, where they said they were, somebody had just seen them. bring a child's bed oody outen a shopping cart . they said it was a 5, 6-year-old little boy . i thought to myself i don't think they could confuse one of the boys for being 5 or 6, but could they confuse one of our little girls for being a buy. that piece of news was very traumatic to me.

>> in agony and alone. he parade. a prayed. and started playing one song over and over in his mind.

>> i do think we have a measure of grace that comes to us in difficult times. for me, a u-2 song in the back of my head. 40, from the 40th psalm.

>> just started reading -- that psalm over and over again. it was exactly what i eded to hear. and -- so i took a lot of comfort from that.

>> reporter: were you listening to the u2 song also or just playing it in your head?

>> no, just playing it in my head.

>> it's got that great. i know the song.

>> it is an awesome song. how long to sing this song

>> exactly. it became the inspirion of hope, ga me something to pray about during the time that i didn't know what wasoing on.

>> reporter: he was comforted by his faith, but it was impossible not to worry. by now, he knew what his wife didn't.

>> she is injured. that his entire family was caught in a carefully coordinated full blown terrorist attack .

>> you think the worst, you know. when you know th, that these are terrorists. and -- and you know that their intent is not to steal something and get out of there. but it is -- it is to kill people. and you know that their intent is to -- is to hurt -- hurt christians. you know that their intent is to try to disrupt our, our way of life in kenya. you know -- it's -- it's, the realities of what that could mean. are, are very present.

>> reporter: he had no way of knowing whether his family was alive or not. no way of knowing that soon, some of his prayers would be answered.