Dateline   |  November 22, 2013

'Nowhere to Hide' part 3

With nowhere to hide, one mother makes a bold decision--to play dead--but will her young children be able to stay quiet and stay still?

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>> reporter: katherine walton still in her make shift hiding spot on the main floor of the mall. an hour into the attack she was still trying to keep her three restless daughters contained under the flimsy table. their only protection from the roaming gunmen. it was a job that got harder as the mall got quieter.

>> there was a lull and -- petra picked up the phone and was playing with it. gigias trying to take it away from her. then, the scene started again. one threw the phonand it got under our body. i couldn't reach it.

>> reporter: you couldn't text anybody?

>> i couldn't text any body or get ahold of any body.

>> for a couple hours i was texting her. no more texting from then. other people calle saying this is really bad. we have seen pictures of people being killed.

>> reporter: she is not responding to you snow.

>> no.

>> reporter: just down the corridor, a mother struggled to keep her children quiet.

>> i am here thinking about our survival. and will this stop and run to an area safe.

>> reporter: there was nowhere else for faith and her children to go. e told them being quiet wasn't enough. she made an incredible decision they would all play dead . her 9-year-old daughter could understand how important it was to stay still. amazingly, her 2-year-old son seemed to sense it as well. he didn't move. except for an occasional blink. men with machine guns scoured every inch of the mall.

>> we were right next to a corridor where we could hear them passing from time off to time. but there was no way i was going to change my position.

>> reporter: s e the minutes dragged into hours, knowing her son might stir at any moment, faith was relieved when he dozed off for a bit.

>> he was look there on the ground, you know, snoring away. i didn't know whether he was alive because when one eye was shut, the other was open. and it was hard to sleep.

>> reporter: hot, cramped, with numb limbs, she urged her kids to fight the need to move.

>> my daughter whenever i felt look she was twitching or changing her position because my hand was on her arm, i would just, you know, squeeze a little bit. then she totally understood that to mean to stay still. but then 2-year-old ty woke up. faith wondered how much longer he could hold . he took a chance and played a game. she pretended glass and cement were insects to keep him distracted. there is insect coming. he would watch it so fascinated. he really likes insects.

>> the gunmen continued to brazenly troll the mall floors looking for victims. katri katherine was rriethey would see her and the girls. after all. she was seeing the gunmen.

>> reporter: when they walked by you were they shooting?

>> no. theyere walking very slow. almost had a demeanor like they owned the place. look they knew they were in control.

>> reporter: did they see you?

>> they looked my direction. i knew that if the men came out of the store and came around behind us that they could see us.

>> reporter: those men had already killed dozens of shoppers. in this video captured by a security camera , a wounded person is prodded by a terrorist. other parts too graph tubing broadcast show the gunmen callously shooting people throughout the mall even the injured. as the the siege dragged on the outside world was beginning to get some if you how terrible it was.

>> good evening, loud explosions were heard tonight in the kenyan capital of nairobi.

>> reporter: those still trapped inside the mall couldn't know they were part of a terrorist attack . faith wamboa and their two kids remained absolutely still. their only chance for survival. but her mind raced.

>> thinking about my husband. where is he. how will he get to know, the incident. and i am wondering will, will any of my children get shot? will i get shot and my children have no mother after this?

>> reporter: faith was determined to protect her children at any cost.

>> i remember at some pin the i wi -- some point i was covering the children. my son's head. my daughter's head. and i said "any bullet would have to pass through me first before it gets through my children." faith and her children had been flat on the floor for 3 1/2 hours. when suddenly she heard something.

>> we had heard voices from above us, on higher floors. asking us to get up. mother, mother with the children, you down there with the children. i knew they were now addressing me. but immediately we got up on to our knees and were trying to get up and go, the shooting started again. she thought by moving she had drawn attention to herself. we were scared first, because now our cover has been blown. now they know that we are really not dead. ith didn't trust anyone now. so when a man approached she was sure it wasn't good. now when i felt somebody touching me. i knew they had come for us. now they know we are alive. so we just laid down