Dateline   |  November 29, 2013

'The Killing in Cobb County' part 2

Nick Smith is grown now, but still holds the memory of the masked man who attacked him, and took his mother's life. The police begin their investigation with few clues, but Waseem Daker soon becomes their focus.

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>>> it is a haunting memory,

impossible to forget.

>> it definitely changed my

life, of course, completely.

so i remember pretty well.

>> now 23, nick smith was only

five years old when a masked man

stabbed him 18 times and killed

his mother carmen .

while recovering in the hospital, nick was told his

mother was gone.

>> do you remember your mom?

>> not as well as i wish i did.

most of my memories are just stories i have been told from

other people.

>> carmen 's sister and her his

july helped raise nick.

>> he was in swimming, softball,


and she was in homecoming court,

she was a cheerleader.

>> i remember her liveliness.

she was very vivacious, very beautiful and fun.

she had nick very early in life

and did a great job of working

and providing for nick at the

same time.

>> do you feel robbed that you

didn't get to experience all the

things a mother and son get to

experience together?

>> yes, everybody said that she

was a very happy person.

>> a happy life that ended up in


>> did you know immediately who

had done this? >> uh-huh.

>> who had committed this --?

>> i knew.

>> lottie was certain it was the

work of a teenager name waseen.

she told detectives her story.

things had started so


don't they auld?

>> we met by being teammates on

the same team.

>> kind of a den mother to the

other much younger players.

especially waseen, a tech

student 12 years her junior.

>> he didn't have anybody he

could share his thoughts and

feelings with.

>> you felt like a big sister to


>> baker was a bit of a loaner,

he latched on to lot he latched on to lottie ,

he latched on to lottie , call he latched on to lottie , calling her and work and at home.

>> i said you're taking up too

much of my time and then he

started crying.

i knew it was a problem.

>> her phone started ringing off

the hook, up to 100 times a day.

>> why didn't you just stop

talking to this person?

>> i should have.

i felt really sorry for him.

>> he also said to you that you

were a good person.

>> or a very foolish person.

>> he started flipping out,

yelling on the top of his lungs

that he's going to get me and

slit my daughter's throat in

front of me.

i would come home from work and

there would be a pair of my

underwear on my doorknob and a

few days later a bra.

>> what message was he sending

with that?

>> look at me, i'm getting into

your place and there's nothing

that you can do to stop me.

another time i came home early

and i went into my bedroom and

there was waseen baker naked,

wear ing

wear gart wear garter h wear garter hose wear garter hose and a wear garter hose and a gart

belt and looking into my mirror.

>> once again baker threatened

her and her daughter, this time

while brandishing a knife.

>> he has always told me he can

get away with the perfect


>> finally lottie decided to let

the justice system take over.

baker was arrested in august,

but released on bond.

a judge ordered him to stay

away, he didn't and he was


this time he was sent to a

psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

>> he's got some severe issues with obsession.

i don't think he has the ability

to feel compassion for other


he's clearly a brilliant

individual, he's also a

brilliantly airy individual.

>> while baker was hospitalized,

lottie packed up and moved to

the house in cobb county where carmen and nick lived


>> in october on friday the

13th, waseen baker was released

from the hospital.

less than two weeks later,

carmen smith was dead.

now lottie spencer was

overwhelmed with guilt and

anger. >> he's a monster.

>> and that's what lottie told

police, he said he

police, she aid he police, she saidhe police, she said he police, she said he must be police, she said he must be the

one --

>> lottie thought she knew the

answer, a phone call that baker

made to carmen 's phone a few

days before the murder.

>> it was friday the 20th.

and the calls started coming in,

the phone got put off the hook

and then i could her hear phone ringing.

>> carmen answered and then hung

up abruptly. what was said?

nobody knows.

but carmen told her sister and

brother-in-law that he was after

lottie baker.

>> we had talked about her

packing some stuff and coming to

stay with us for a while.

>> lottie says seeing carmen 's

reaction to baker's call was

heart breaking and she did what

she could to help her neighbor

feel safe.

>> from the entryway, from the

sliding glass door, we just

barricaded the door with some


she was so scared.

she was shaking and she was so


>> just three days later, that

glass door was open and smeared

with blood.

and waseem baker was the lead

suspect in a horrible crime.