Dateline   |  November 29, 2013

'The Killing in Cobb County' part 5

When Waseem Daker is convicted for murder, Lottie Spencer is initially relieved. But she suddenly has second thoughts and does something that will turn the entire case upside down.

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>>> take him back.

>> waseem daker had been

convicted of murder and

sentenced to life in prison .

it looked like he was out of

lottie spencer's life, finally

and forever.

>> it was very emotional.

but just so good.

so very good.

>> do you feel free ?

finally free?

>> i feel like a lot of weight

has been lifted and i'm going to

close this chapter and just go on with my life in a positive


>> that was lottie last year,

she told us she had closed that

chapter, but it turns out she

didn't, not by a long shot.

in fact in the past year, she

has turned this story completely

upside down with astonishing


we sat down with her again to

hear her new version of things.

so did not expect to be sitting

here talking to you again.

>> no.

>> major turn of events.

>> yes, there has been.

>> it all began with a


>> mr. daker and i had a consensual sexual relationship .

>> yes, lottie now says she had

an ongoing sexual relationship

with what seen daker, that he

wasn't really her stalker, he was her lover.

it was something she had flat

out denied for 17 years.

>> if what you're saying is

true, you lied to the district

attorney, you lied in open court

to the jury.

you lied to me?

>> uh-huh.

there are no words to describe

just how very remorseful i am.

what i did was wrong.

i am taking 100%, full

responsibility for what i have

done. the damage i have caused this


and his family is -- there's

nothing i can do to take it



>> lottie now says she lied

under oath about the sex and

about many of the stalking

charges she had made against



did waseem threaten you?

your life?

>> no.

>> did he threaten anyone's life

around you?

>> were you in love with mr.

>> no, i never was in love with

mr. daker.

>> and you're not today?

>> until recently, she genuinely

believed he was a murder.

>> i was terrified of him.

that was no lie.

those emotions were real.

i had the nightmares, i lived in that fear.

>> she says that fear drove her

to lie to put daker behind bars ,

but the euphoria she felt after

the verdict started to sour.

she couldn't stop thinking about

something prosecutor jesse evans

today during the trial.

>> he said that carmen 's

lifeless body was wrapped up in

five layers of bedding and i was

shocked and i started to get

pretty scared at that moment,

because i had given carmen two

blankets just before her death.

>> they were blankets she now

said that mr. daker and her

slept in together.

>> mr. daker used those blankets

on a number of occasions.

he was welcome in my home and he

spent the night and clearly i

knew his dna could have been on those blankets.

>> remember, carmen had been

found under several layers of


if someone of lottie 's blankets

was among them, i would could

explain how daker's hair got on carmen 's body.

>> this isn't a maybe, this is a

woman who's risking perjury

charges who's turning against

her own self-interest.

this is a woman who can explain

this evidence.

you have to take this seriously.

>> the paid expert witness for

daker is now working on the case

for free in his role as director

of the idaho innocence project .

he believes lottie 's story is a

game changer.

>> now there's a logical

explanation of how the hairs got

there. this is one of those places

where you just have to shake the

system and say, wait a minute,

this is so obvious i.

>> i have a conscious, i have to

live with me.

>> so lottie decided to come


she filed affidavits with the

court and over the summer, the

judge granted a hearing for a

new trial.

but jesse evans wushts buying

lottie 's new story.

that's because when he was

preparing for the trial, he

believed he found that story's

rail source. >> there's something that's

going on behind the scenes that

we weren't aware of.