Dateline   |  December 06, 2013

'Missing Marie' part 1

In the Fall of 1994, Marie Singleton was a newlywed. She and her new husband Andre had four beautiful children. They also had successful jobs -- though Marie's was a secret. When she suddenly vanished, it begged the question -- did her job as an undercover CIA employee put her in harm's way?

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>> some professional. others very, very personal. this is a story about secrets. about a woman who was very good at keeping them. and about what happened when that woman suddenly disappeared.

>> she was beautiful. my mom was really beautiful. a great person. a nice person.

>> as a little boy , marcus singleton couldn't possibly foresee the loss he would suffer or the terrible choice he would one day have to make. all he knew back then was his mother's love.

>> i mean, she helped people, you know, if there was a kid in the street who needed something, she would pull over and see if they were okay, you know, she was -- she was that type of person that taught me to basically put others before myself first.

>> marie was single when she had marcus . he was the center of her world. kelly clayton was marie 's hairdresser and good friend.

>> she talked about him a lot, the things that he was doing in school. she got really excited about marcus .

>> marie 's friends and co-workers bridget harris and jean jones apthel.

>> he was, like, the apple in her eye. she just sparkled every time he was around. she loved hugging him.

>> she was a doting mom or a strict mom?

>> oh, no, she was loving.

>> we traveled a lot together, so it was just us two.

>> for her job?

>> yeah.

>> marie worked for the federal government in los angeles , but friends say she was driven and ambitious in other areas, too.

>> she was an entrepreneur, that's what i know most about her, because she talked about owning her own business.

>> but marie wanted more than work and success.

>> i know that she wanted to have somebody in her life.

>> what kind of guy was she looking for?

>> someone that will take care of her, love her, protect her.

>> i guess that's any woman's dream to have the whole package. that was kind of missing. she didn't have that guy figure, the father figure for marcus .

>> then one day, marie told her friends --

>> i met this guy, you know, they had a lunch date and he was cute and just, you know, the excitement of meeting somebody new.

>> his name was andre jackson. a handsome single father of two. sparks flew immediately.

>> i mean, she would just light up every time she talked about him just --

>> big smile.

>> oh, the glow.

>> uh-huh.

>> he was -- he was her -- her -- her everything.

>> the methodical businesslike marie seemed to change overnight. were you privy to the courtship with andre ?

>> the whirlwind courtship?

>> yeah.

>> well, that's --

>> real quick.

>> that's the way we would put it because one day she was smitten. the next day she was in love. and then she was pregnant.

>> practiciegnant and having a wedding and no one knew about it.

>> marcus knew about it. he was there. your mom was happy?

>> yeah. she looked happy.

>> andre was happy?

>> yeah. we all were happy.

>> at age 8, marcus found himself welcoming a little brother named marquis.

>> i think once my little brother came into the picture it was more, you know, i realized that it wasn't just the two of us anymore but we're actually starting to become a family.

>> and there were two other stepsiblings in the mix, andre jr. and andrea. and you get along with them?

>> yeah. it was pretty great. i had a brother and a sister at home, and it was a pretty cool experience.

>> another cool experience, for the first time having a dad.

>> he taught me how to swim. he taught me how to throw a football. he even rode me on the back of his motorcycle a few times. it was good to actually have a male figure in the house that i could, you know, do stuff with.

>> so andre was living up to his job as your father?

>> yeah. yeah, he was.

>> for marcus and his mom, everything seemed just perfect.

>> honestly, it was like a complete family. it felt like i finally had a complete family. it was the best feeling in the world. like the ultimate high . and then suddenly, the ultimate low.

>> the ultimate low because on november 11th , 1994 , marie singleton, rock solid, wife, mother, businesswoman vanished. the local police investigated, of course, but so did an fbi agent named rick hadel.

>> we had concerns that there may be missing classified information , u.s. government information.

>> classified information ? yes. as we said before, everyone has secrets. and marie had a big one. one she had told very few people. officially marie singleton worked for the department of defense .

>> that's what was publicly disseminated, yes.

>> but she was really working for the cia.

>> that's my understanding, yes.