Dateline   |  December 06, 2013

'Missing Marie' part 3

Andre decides to post fliers at Dockweiler Beach and gives one to a perfect stranger. That man finds Marie's car within seconds of leaving the beach and calls the police. Marie's body is found in the trunk. At first, Andre is the prime suspect -- but then Marie's family receives an anonymous letter.

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>>> tuesday, november 15th , 1994 , marie singleton, wife, mother, and secret cia employee had been missing for four days. police were looking for her, so was the fbi. she might have been a runaway, a crime victim, or a double agent. but tim kiniff didn't know any of that when he stopped by dockweiler beach near l.a.x. to take a short walk and unwind after work.

>> i saw a man posting flyers for a missing person .

>> the man was andre jackson.

>> he actually mentioned that he was doing this because it was his wife. and that she'd last been seen on friday. and he was -- seemed very concerned and obviously worried about it. he asked me then if i would take one of his flyers, so i said sure.

>> the flyer had a picture of marie , a description of her car, and the car's license number. kiniff studied it and put it in his pocket. a short time later, he finished his walk, got into his car and started to drive home.

>> i was parked here on vista delmar facing south. so, i got in my car. i made a u-turn to head north, and as i started heading north, i saw the gray saab was parked here along the road.

>> there was something oddly familiar about that car.

>> so, i made another u-turn, pulled up behind it, and then saw that the license plate on the car was the license plate on the flyer.

>> a perfect match. what were the odds?

>> i couldn't believe that i was seeing the car that this man was just looking for.

>> kiniff called police. the next day, november 16th , the gray saab was towed to the inglewood pd impound lot. police looked it over, very carefully. there were several parking tickets under the windshield wipers. it had been there for a while. the battery had been removed. the driver's seat had been tilted forward and a cell phone , unusual at the time, was left in plain sight. after inspecting the interior investigators opened the trunk and made a ghastly discovery. marie singleton was missing no longer. she had been beaten and strangled to death. marie 's son marcus then just 8 years old knew something was wrong when he came home from school and saw that all over the neighborhood his mom's missing flyers had been taken down.

>> i walk in the room and everybody's in there crying.

>> everyone in tears.

>> everyone in tears. finally i say what the -- what's going on? what's going on? and my grand mom is just -- she's crying. and my stepfather's crying, too, but, you know, he grabs me and he pulls me and he hugs me. and, you know, he tells me straight up. he said they found your mom's body in the trunk of her car. you know, she's dead.

>> marie 's sister, elaine roundtree, had just arrived from philadelphia. like the rest of the family, she was devastated. elaine was one of the few people who knew marie worked for the cia . but even she didn't know exactly what marie did.

>> we loved her as a sister. we respected her as a sister. and with her job she traveled a lot. we knew she worked for the government, for the cia and that was it.

>> and you never asked what she did.

>> never asked.

>> but now elaine had a lot of questions. starting with what could possibly have induced marie to leave 8-year-old marcus and infant marquis home alone ?

>> that was preposterous. that would have never happened.

>> so, elaine started to compare notes with friends and family. but the conversations weren't about the cia .

>> they were telling me different incidents and different things that they had with andre .

>> andre , marie 's husband, things he was saying and doing didn't add up. first, there was jean's story about what she saw that saturday morning when andre showed up at her home looking for marie .

>> he had a bruise on his lip.

>> andre had a bruise on his lip?

>> he did. he said, oh, i bruised it playing football with andre jr. really? it looks kind of fresh.

>> then there was kelly clayton who spent the better part of sunday calling andre 's house hoping marie would show up. and with each phone call , andre seemed to have a new developing story. first, it was this --

>> she had drank a little and she wanted to go to her son's football game . he told her that he did not want her to go, and they had a argument and she stormed out.

>> but during the next phone call , andre said --

>> one of her old boyfriends was in town, and she was with him.

>> and then finally --

>> he let me know when she does get the call -- i'll have her call you, don't call no more.

>> then on monday, when marie 's friends went to the condo to help pass out flyers, jean noticed something in andre and marie 's bedroom.

>> it was a big hole in the wall. that was a reality check for me, because it wasn't where the doorknob was. it was above it like someone had put their fist through it. big enough for, like, a head because it went straight through.

>> elaine heard all of this and contacted inglewood police and found out they were way ahead of her.

>> i had spoke with the one detective over the telephone, and he said that andre was a suspect. i was also told that this would probably be resolved because they may arrest him at the funeral.

>> you thought andre was going to be arrested?

>> yes.

>> pretty quickly.

>> yes.

>> but andre wasn't arrested at marie 's funeral or the next day or the day after that. after the service, elaine and her relatives flew back to philadelphia. a few weeks later marcus joined them. marie 's relatives still expected an arrest any day. but days turned into weeks, and then months, until a whole year had passed. and that's when a mysterious letter arrived for the singleton family, an anonymous letter that sent this investigation in a whole new direction.