Dateline   |  January 24, 2014

'In the Dead of Night' part 4

Lee Radder's family confronts Belinda in their quest for the truth.  The autopsy report is released and their suspicions are confirmed.

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>> narrator: it was a dark winter in buffalo for lee radder's family, a beloved son and brother gone and no answers.

>> i want peace for my family. peace and answers.

>> and peace will come with answers, i'm assuming?

>> right. right.

>> narrator: the family traveled out west with a memorial belinda organized. lee's sister ann begged belinda for answers.

>> i went up and said, you know, i need answers. you were there. you must be able to just tell me what happened. you'll never know what happened.

>> not i don't know what happened myself, but you'll never know what happened?

>> you'll never know what happened.

>> narrator: and rob was there, but --

>> i don't know that i could do anything that would change how they feel. we all lost someone we loved that day.

>> narrator: yes he and belinda seemed to lose each other too. what seemed like a warm and loving relationship just ep vap evaporat evaporated.

>> my focus had completely changed. after that, he was in survival mode.

>> narrator: the whole family came apart, really.

>> the littlest one used to call me grandma from new york. she would call me and say hi, grandma from new york. i have no idea why there was no communications. i would call and my phone calls wouldn't be returned.

>> narrator: but the questions wouldn't go away. what happened? the family kept calling the detective who only said he was working the case. rob said it was most certainly a suicide. but as a practicing lawyer, he did the prudent thing and hired an attorney.

>> just to let maricopa county know that i was willing to cooperate.

>> narrator: in fact his attorney called the police in arizona to check on the investigation. but nobody seemed interested.

>> we made those types of inquiries multiple times with them.

>> and you heard nothing?

>> no. no.

>> narrator: but the same was not true for belinda .

>> they in no uncertain terms called me a person of interest. they would come harassingly call my phone and tell me they were going to report me to child protective services . if i didn't allow them to interview my children.

>> narrator: the sheriff said it wasn't harassment a at all, just a matter of doing their jobs. at any rate, belinda eventually relented and gave them another statement. this time her mind was clear, her timeline jibed with rob fischer 's. she recalled going to bed by midnight and being woken up by rob right before his 911 call around 5:00 in the morning.

>> i was trying to recall the best of my memory at that point and i was so dazed and confused and didn't remember in an accurate timeline when they first asked me.

>> narrator: so belinda was in bed when whatever happened happened. and she just didn't have the strength to ask rob any probing questions.

>> i was too much in a state of shock to ask questions, i couldn't even handle wanting to know anything.

>> narrator: it was six months after lee's death, may 2011 , when the medical examiner issued an autopsy report. in buffalo, suspicious confirmed.

>> it was not ruled a suicide, it was ruled a homicide.

>> narrator: but in phoenix?

>> that was completely surprising.

>> narrator: and in rob's place in california?

>> there's a level of disbelief. you know, how do you -- how did that happen, kind of thing.

>> narrator: good question, because nothing more happened as another year ticked past. rob's attorney told them this might be a case they simply with respect going to pursue.

>> you're looking forward in life, you're not looking over your shoulder.

>> narrator: but rob fischer did not know that the case was not dead at all. that the person of interest that the authorities were most interested in wasn't belinda , it was him.

>> it just seemed that the only logical compa logical explanation to everything was murder.

>> narrator: the gun looked place in lee radder's hand and the gun where it didn't seem to belong and the guest bed that rob had supposedly been asleep in looked untouched.

>> narrator: once they went into that scene, it just wasn't making sense.

>> and then on a spring day a year and a half after lee's death --

>> narrator: i was in the driveway and i saw people running up at me with guns pointed at me. they put me down on the ground and handcuffed me.

>> he was extradited to arizona , booked into the county jail , phoned his wife.

>> narrator: what did you say to each other?

>> she was crying. and she asked me what she was supposed to do. and i said, i don't know.

>> rob's friends like fellow attorney chris miller were appalled.

>> narrator: absolutely the last person in the world. absolutely. i mean if you told me these 20 other people did it, yeah, okay, uh-huh. but not rob. not the rob i know. not our rob. he didn't do it.

>> eventually rob was released on half a million dollars bail but would have to remain in arizona until the trial. he contemplated the case against him best he could.

>> narrator: i have never heard a theory, i have never heard a motive, i have never heard anything.

>> he hired a scrappy defense attorney named duane kates.

>> narrator: i don't think rob fischer should ever have been charged with a crime.

>> why not?

>> there's absolutely no evidence that he killed lee radder.