Dateline   |  January 31, 2014

'Mystery on Lockhart Road' part 1

Former Indiana State Police trooper David Camm arrives home and finds his wife and two children shot to death in their garage.

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>> narrator: such an awful crime. the wife, the little boy and girl. shot at point blank range.

>> i was dumbfounded, i was shocked at what i saw.

>> narrator: the husband had an alibi.

>> could he have slipped away for say 10 minutes ?

>> he could have done anything.

>> narrator: 13 years, appeals, trials, reversals and changing stories.

>> the big picture here is that it sounds like a crock. it doesn't pass the sniff test.

>> there's a lot of things about this case that doesn't make sense.

>> narrator: it's been a long pursuit of justice.

>> i kind of adopt this saying, when you enter into the courtroom, lies become truth and the truth becomes lies.

>> narrator: but there is another side, another family. one which sees a terrible miscarriage of justice.

>> i wonder if everybody got three trials, how many people, guilty people would be out walking the streets.

>> mommy, there's a present for you.

>> okay.

>> narrator: but there's one indisputable truth, kim , jill and bradley camm were nothing more than innocence lost that night.

>> what do you miss the most?

>> every day, anyone who says time heals , has never lost a child. i can tell you that time doesn't heal anything, the pain becomes a part of you.

>> narrator: time. turn the clock back to the year 2000 , a thursday after work. the place, a church rec center in georgetown, indiana. a pickup basketball came was under way.

>> just you guys typically getting together?

>> narrator: david camm , a 36-year-old manager at a waterproofing business was a regular.

>> this is a religion?

>> yes, we play a little bit of basketball in indiana.

>> narrator: that night after the game wrapped up, david headed home. he and his wife kim had two children, brad a 7-year-old, and jill , a spit fire two years younger. on this night, he was late and he knew kim wouldn't be happy about that.

>> they had to do their homework before bed and i knew she was going to be upset because i'm not there to help.

>> narrator: he clicked the garage door opener , a nightmare awaited him.

>> the garage door lifted up just above my truck, and that's when i saw kim .

>> she was down on the garage floor?

>> at first i thought it was just jill laying there. i didn't realize it was kim until i got out of my truck a and ran into the garage and that's when i saw that it was kim .

>> how do you take this? it's too much to absorb. kim was in a long pool of blood running from her head. the doors to her bronco were open. when do you look into the vehicle?

>> i don't remember how long it was, but after checking on kim , being assured in my mind that she was gone, i just suddenly thought about the kids, where are the kids? and my first instinct was to look into the bronco. a and i got up on the passenger's seat and i could see more into the back and that's when i saw brad and jill .

>> narrator: jill , still buckled in on the passenger's side was slumped over, there was blood in her hair. next brad seemed to be clamoring over the seat.

>> was it apparent in your shock, that this was a gunshot event?

>> i did not know how they died.

>> so you jumped over the console?

>> i thought maybe he might have a chance.

>> narrator: david had been an indiana state trooper for over 11 years. that night in the garage, david said, his police training kicked in. it seemed to him that his daughter jill was dead, but if there was even a whisper of a chance for his son brad, david knew he had too get him out of the bronco and give him cpr.

>> i went in and got him and came out the same way i came in.

>> you put him down on the garage floor and began working on him?

>> yes. i just remember looking at his face. and his eyes, there was no moisture, and they were half shut. it was pretty obvious that he was gone.

>> and this has all happened in, what, 45 seconds of your life?

>> probably, maybe a minute.

>> narrator: kneeling on the bloody garage floor, amidst the bodies of his family, david knew he had to get help.

>> get everybody out here to my house now.

>> narrator: he called the indiana state police where he used to work.

>> get everybody out to my house now.

>> okay, david , we got people on the way, okay?