Dateline   |  January 31, 2014

'Mystery on Lockhart Road' part 2

David Camm calls for help. First responders and investigators descend on the quiet community of Georgetown in Southern Indiana.

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>> narrator: david camm says he came home one night in the fall of 2000 to an unimaginable horror. his wife, little boy and girl had been murdered.

>> get everybody out here to my house now!

>> okay.

>> narrator: a after trying unsuccessfully to revive his son, david ran across the street to a relative's home.

>> i heard the banging on the door.

>> narrator: david 's uncle nelson was there.

>> david was beating on the door, hollering, nelson, nelson, somebody's murdered my family. they're all dead. they're all dead.

>> narrato

>> narrator: david yelled at him to check on jill to the brocnco. like david he was a former state trooper and he knew the crime scene had to be preserved.

>> i reached back and i saw jill and i touched her on the arm. i said jilly, jilly.

>> you knew she was gone?

>> i said dave, i think they're all gone, buddy, i think they're all gone.

>> narrator: david lost it.

>> he was down on the ground and laying on his back rolling around on the ground. why did it go? why didn't i stay with them?

>> narrator: nelson managed to get david out of the garage.

>> so you really are the officer securing the scene?

>> i knew it had to be done because i knew we had a horrific crime scene and i wanted to be sure they didn't do anything to hamper it.

>> narrator: david camm says he was way beyond understanding anything that night. but the questions would and stop.

>> just all these things spinning around inside my head, is this real? am i really here? did i really just find kim and brad and jill as they are? it was just surreal.

>> narrator: that night was the end of everything david and kim had built together. they had met in the late 1980s . they were introduced by marcie mccloud. marcy had been best friends with kim ever since the ninth grade.

>> she was very funny, very loyal. very sweet.

>> narrator: david and kim married in 1989 , they threw a big fun party and then got on with their lives. kim in corporate accounting and david as an indiana state trooper. here he is in uniform being interviewed in the 1990s about road safety during the holidays. he was soon member of an elite emergency kind of s.w.a.t. team.

>> that is the band of brothers , huh?

>> oh, yeah.

>> a special weapons tactical group?

>> yes, exactly. love those guys, we're talking about guys you would literally die for.

>> narrator: but over time as the kids were born, david wanted to spend more time with his family. he left the band of brothers .

>> it must have been hard to leave, dave. you have this good thing you're going to, and you wanted to have more of a life, but i can see how much you liked being in law enforcement .

>> i just felt like definitely i was in a point in my life where i needed to make that change and i wanted to make that change and i presumed that i would remain close with these guys, that they would always be my friends and that they would always have my back if i ever needed them.

>> by 2000 , the camms seemed to be living an idyllic live.

>> kim was a great mom. those kids, they were like my grandkids. little jill , yeah --

>> tell me about her?

>> she was a character. she really was. just a funny little girl . if she didn't have your attenti attention, she would get it. she was very, i think she would have been very athletic. she was gifted in that way.

>> and brad was the swimmer?

>> he loved it, he was great at it. being a father, i thought, this kid's good.

>> narrator: there were gatherings with david 's sprawling extended family , the lockharts, the descend deants of nine brothers and sister. the lockharts were so prevalent that the road they lived on was named after them. the awful news raced through two families that night. david 's sister julie was getting ready to go to bed when the phone hang.

>> i was like, what are you talking about? what are you saying?

>> mom had all the pictures of brad and jill , i guess, that she could gather up and was holding them and just sitting on the floor and just rocking and saying, my babies, my babies, they've killed my babies, somebody's killed my babies.

>> narrator: david sent his uncle to tell kim 's parents.

>> a knock on the door in the middle of the night , what can this be?

>> oh, it can't be good. i go out and i open the door and i see him standing out there and i think my mind just went blank.

>> and janice yelled for me to get out there and so i got out there. sam says i've got some bad news, kim , brad and jill have been shot. with that i just slumped down to a sitting position and i sat there and cried. couldn't believe it.

>> narrator: on lockhart road , the sound of silence, followed by flashing lights. a homicide investigation was beginning. and david 's friends and former colleagues in the indiana state police would be on