Dateline   |  January 31, 2014

'Mystery on Lockhart Road' part 8

Investigators interview Charles Boney about his connection to the crime scene. Boney and David Camm are convicted of murder in separate trials.

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>> narrator: been behind bars for more than four years.

>> generally from september through february were my darkest times of the year, you know, the times of the murders and then you have the holidays and then the kids birthdays in february.

>> did you feel yourself becoming institutionalizes?

>> i had to a degree. and for me it was a matter of sitting back and observing and seeing how things operate so i could fit in enough to be okay. you know, i had to lock the real me down inside.

>> how were his spirits? was he holding on or was he sinking?

>> david would sink only briefly. he would have lows, there were times i talked to him and he would seem really low. but he couldn't stay there. staying in that despondency, that hopelessness is excruciate excruciati excruciating.

>> narrator: but now there seemed to be a break in the case. that unknown dna on the sweatshirt was identified as charles bonae. just days later, the cops brought him and started drilling him on how it ended up on the crime scene floor.

>> somehow that sweatshirt got there, your sweatshirt. you explain to me how it got there.

>> i have no idea.

>> narrator: bonae admitted the sweatshirt had once been his, but said he dropped it in the salvation army drop box about a month before the murders.

>> it shows up a at a crime scene , not a laundry, not washed. if it went through the salvation army drop box, that would have been a clean sweatshirt, chances are your dna probably would not have been on there. but it is.

>> i see where you're coming from.

>> narrator: as for david camm ?

>> do you know david camm .

>> no.

>> have you ever met david camm ?

>> no.

>> do you remember the murder of david camm 's family?

>> on television, yes.

>> do you know where david camm lives?

>> only on television. i don't even know what his address is.

>> narrator: the interrogation went on for some 12 hours, with bonae sticking to his story. but detectives released him with a warning.

>> make no mistake about it, if anything else links you to it, you're done, stick a fork in you. and see, that would normally worry me. i wasn't there.

>> narrator: then two weeks after letting bonae walk, there was something else, something big.

>> early yesterday morning, i was notified of some additional scientific evidence that linked mr. bonae to the homicide.

>> the prosecutor revealed that a palm print found on the exterior passenger side of the bronco door frame was left there by none other than charles bonae. investigators had been aware of the palm print for more than four years, only now did they know whose it was. bonae was pulled back into the interrogation room and the questioning became more confrontational.

>> you've got some explaining to go here, charles . your palm print is on that bronco. you're there. now this is the time, this is the place, this is your last stage that you're going to have to tell us what the hell happened there. this is it.

>> this can't be happening.

>> charles .

>> narrator: after hours of denial, bonae changed hid story, yes, he did know david camm , they met playing pick up basketball. in another round of questioning, the story changed and changed again. finally bonae put himself at the crime scene .

>> the reason why i was --

>> police said david camm asked him to get an untraceable gun. he said he was the guy caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

>> as events started to unfold in the investigation, it became apparent that this case was intertwined between two people.

>> now the prosecutor had a new theory, david camm did not act alone, he had a con conspirator. charles 's signature was all over the scene.

>> he attacks women, defenseless, innocent women, he takes their shoes, their socks, he holds guns to their heads and threatens to shoot them in the head. all of those things from his previous crimes is exactly what happened to kim. why can't they see this stuff? they just turned a blind eye to the facts.

>> narrator: but the prosecutor had a different set of fangts.

>> we know that the defense has maintained that this is now the killer, that i should dismiss the charges against david camm . the evidence is not there.

>> narrator: in january 2006 , charles bonae and david camm took trial separately in two different courthouse. while i wasn't accused of being the shooter, bonae was tried on three counts of murder, he was sentenced to 325 years, and the prosecution team rejected any -- those tiny specs of blood that were on david 's shirt, but not on bonae's sweatshirt.

>> his shirt does not have high velocity blood spatter on it.

>> so a state trooper is now going to be a co-conspirator.

>> there's no text messages, there's no phone calls, there's no smoke signals. there's nothing between david camm and charles bonae.

>> the case against camm was pretty much the same, absent the female witnesses, the appeals court had thrown out. this time the state focused on the allegation that david molested his 5-year-old daughter as a motive for the murders.

>> well the motive was kimberly was leaving david camm and she was leaving him because of the child molesting . and he could not let her leave, he could not let that secret out. that was the secret in the camm household.

>> narrator: the defense countered, brought in experts to show there was no solid evidence the little girl had even ben molested.

>> the state's theory of why david murdered his family was purely made up. it was speculation.

>> narrator: david camm had never been charged with sexual molestation. but that didn't stop the prosecutor from closing his case with the big dramatic flourish.

>> he took his finger and stuck it in dave's face and said you molested your child.

>> narrator: the jury took four days to reach its verdict.

>> guilty on all three counts, i can tell you that david camm has now been convicted in the murder of his wife and the murder of his two kids brad and jill.

>> guilty again.

>> guilty again. with the same inflammatory evidence. this is just such a heinous act zagts.

>> narrator: but the saga was far from over. david 'ssed to retreat.