Dateline   |  January 31, 2014

'Mystery on Lockhart Road' part 11

The jury in David Camm's third murder trial deliberates for ten hours before reaching a verdict.

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>> narrator: the jury in david camm 's third trial had the case. for two families, there was nothing to do but wait. kim 's parents wanted nothing more than to hear the word guilty again. the new evidence had not changed their minds.

>> you believe david killed your daughter and kids? why is charles bonae's testimony not enough to explain what happened in that garage.

>> too many stories have been told on both sides. and i don't believe neither one of them are telling the truth.

>> we have gotten word that a verdict has been reached.

>> reporter: the jury took ten hours to reach a verdict.

>> it has to be guilty. i wasn't expecting anything but guilty.

>> narrator: prosecutor stan lefco's glass was half full or better.

>> i thought we had a decent chance. i thought it could go either way, but i thought the trial went pretty well.

>> narrator: but kim 's mom was worried.

>> the jury only out ten hours, i had a really had feeling from the beginning that it was going to be not guilty.

>> narrator: david in a holding cell, got ready, shaking violently.

>> i literally could not button my shirt or fix my tie or my collar and so on. the deputies had to help me.

>> narrator: his family the lockharts were heartened by the relatively fast deliberation.

>> everybody kind of had that same feeling of this might be good. but none of us had the nerve to utter it, you know, because you don't want to say that because the hurt, and the pain when they say guilty is so devastating.

>> narrator: julie was breathless waiting for just one tiny word.

>> i had been trying to practice in my head, what will it sound like to hear the worth not. not? we had always heard guilty. so i kind of just fantasized about hearing that word.

>> narrator: and that's exactly what she and everybody else in the courtroom heard that day. the word not, as in not guilty. once, twice, three times.

>> you hear the first one. and then you hear the second one, and you're praying to god you hear the third one. and that's when i lost it. you know, knowing finally, finally the truth has prevailed, justice for kim , brad and jill , for me, for my family. and i just fell to pieces.

>> not guilty?

>> not guilty.

>> 13 years.

>> 13 years. 13 years of hell.

>> everybody around me was crying, dave was bawling. i just sat there. i think i was finally saying we got this thing done. finally.

>> narrator: for the other side, the parents, the grandparents, the verdict was a devastating blow.

>> when they said not guilty, that kind of like they ripped my heart out right there. i'm like this can't be right. what did these jurors see that the earlier 24 jurors in the past didn't see? you know, he was convicted twice by 24 different people. and these 12 people see something that they didn't see?

>> david , can you tell me how you're feel right now?

>> narrator: outside the cameras were waiting.

>> this is complete vindication, after 13 horrific years.

>> this is a miracle, my situation is a miracle, that we are here conducting this interview right here, god literally had to move a mountain to make this happen.

>> but that mountain would never have moved without dedicated attorneys and uncle sam lockhart.

>> i had people saying the only reason i'm doing this is because david 's my nephew, that's a big reason, absolutely. but i know he's innocent. he didn't do it. and the only thing i knew to do then was continue to fight until we reached the solution that was proper.

>> narrator: finally the david camm case, one that had dominated the news in southern indiana for years was over.

>> your name will be clean again soon, but you know there's still going to be people that are going to point at you and whisper and say that's the guy who got away with killing his fami fami family.

>> if they choose to be ignorant, that's their problem, if they choose to be ignorant and it is a choice.

>> narrator: for those who knew and loved kim , brad and jill , there remains a yearning to know what might have been for the wife and mother, for the two young children.

>> no telling what kim might have been, what she could have been, what the kids would be doing. bradley would be 20 years old, jill would be 17 or 18, graduating high school , we have last all that.

>> david says he'll never get over the pain of what happened in that garage that night.

>> the pain becomes a part of you and you live with it. and it's an element of who i am. and, you know, how i live my life.

>> on the day of the verdict as a security precaution, sheriff's deputies drove david to a prearranged truck stop and turned him over to his waiting uncle sam .

>> that was the moment he was really free, wasn't it?

>> i think it finally hit him and hit me, like this guy no longer is in shackles, this guy is with me, he is knew ready to go start his life.

>> grief behind him, grief still with him and heading into who know what is down the road ahead.

>> me and one man, leaving together, heading home .

>> reporter: that's all for this edition of "dateline." we'll be back again sunday at 7:00, 6:00 central. and i'll see you