Dateline   |  February 28, 2014

Oscar Pistorius: The Race of His Life part 6

It's been a year since the shooting and Oscar has kept a low profile during that time. But there have been sightings. One outing to a restaurant made for some trouble.

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>>> the last that many of us saw of oscar pistorius was the sorrowful man just before he was released on bail. in the year that's passed since then, we've learned oscar 's life has taken a hard turn.

>> he keeps saying i've done this, i killed her. from what we know from his family, he is -- that kind of emotional devastation is real, particularly given at one stage you were kind of a global hero.

>> after his arrest last year, oscar 's global hero status seemed like an advantage. a judge eased up on his bail restrictions, allowed him to travel, compete, even drink alcohol. but soon he was spotted at a johannesburg restaurant tossing back drinks and chatting up women. the reaction to that showed how oscar 's status had changed.

>> in this kind of context, he cannot go out and be seen to be living life because he's going to be criticize d. there are going to be very public opinions about oscar carrying on with his life like nothing is wrong.

>> that night fueled tabloid rumors making him out to be a playboy on the prowl. but the stories we discovered are now quite inaccurate. despite all kinds of speculation about oscar 's doings, it turns out he is not hanging around with the old crowd at these watering holes in johannesburg , rather living at home more like a monk, he's got a shrine to reeva in his bedroom. and those friends, those fast friends , many of them are planning to testify against him. and though oscar 's bail deal allowed him to compete anywhere in the world, you have to be in shape for that. and here at his pretoria track, there is no sign that is going to happen any time soon. oscar doesn't come here much anymore to the track where he first started training, the track where he trained for the olympics. and the first occasion when he tried, he was surrounded by a pack of media, had to flee, so more recent visits have been rather secretive. and those who have seen him here say he is not the man he used to be. the intense conditioning has gone, the muscles have gone slack, the speed has disappeared, and worst of all, they say, that remarkable confidence he carried himself with has utterly disappeared. on this trip back to the trip, videotaped and released by his family last june, oscar showed up bearded, gaunt, slow. oscar is still marketable, but not for his successes, only for his fall.

>> insane amounts of money are being thrown at him for interviews. insane amounts of money are being offered to him for books and deals. and i think this is something for, for where him and his family are, he's turned all of those down as far as we know.

>> though oscar has been living in seclusion on his uncle's compound, there have been a few sightings of him. he was spotted at a johannesburg shopping mall where he graciously posed for a photo. on the one-year anniversary of reeva's death, oscar posted this message on his website. no words can adequately capture my feelings about the devastating accident that has caused such heart ache for everyone who truly loved and continues to love reeva. the pain and sadness, especially for reeva's parents, family and friends consumes me with sorrow. the loss of reeva and the complete trauma of that day i will carry with me for the rest of my life. it's the same story oscar has been repeating since the night he shot reeva. the same story he'll present to the judge when his trial starts on monday, that it was simply an accident. and oscar 's story will soon be out there for all to see and hear. on tuesday, there was a ground-breaking decision out of pretoria.

>> in circumstances, the following order is granted.

>> a judge decided to allow much of oscar pistorius ' trial to be televised.

>> only authorized representatives are permitted to obtain a video and audio recording of the criminal trial of oscar pistorius .

>> a legal precedent for south africa , and one the judge thought it was important to make. he said he wanted his countrymen to see the courts did not treat the rich and famous with kid gloves while being harsh on the poor and vulnerable. oscar 's trial, though, will be seen not just in south africa , but across the world. and the global audience that once watched him make history in the olympics will now, come monday, be watching an altogether different event. because south africa doesn't have a jury system, oscar will only have to persuade a judge that he is an innocent man, that his story is true. but that judge will not be swayed by an emotional story, only by facts. and that judge, seen here in a documentary courting justice, is a former reporter and social worker known for her tough sentences, especially when it comes to crimes against women. but of course the legal burden of proof lies with the prosecutors. they're the ones who must convince the judge beyond a reasonable doubt that reeva's death was no accident. but if they fail to do that, and oscar is allowed to go free, what then? is there any indication whatsoever that he would ever try to come back from this?

>> i don't think there's any hope that his athletic career can ever resume because in his own kind of autobiography, he constantly speaks about that psyche of winning, and that ability to get on a racetrack with that psyche of a winner. and when you've gone through an experience like this, whether you are found to be a cold-blooded murderer or not, you cannot go into that environment with your head in that same place.

>> no.

>> it's not possible.

>> those that have seen him around the track say that that, that, whatever that was, has completely vanished, gone.

>> it's obvious. it's very apparent that that person is no longer with us. that as much as reeva steenkamp is no longer on this earth, that oscar pistorius is also gone with her.