Dateline   |  March 14, 2014

The House on Sumac Drive part 2

Betsy's husband, Russ, tells investigators he thinks his wife stabbed herself to death. They're not buying it.

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>> narrator: partway through russ faria 's hysterical call to 911 were four little words that were going to become very important indeed.

>> my wife killed herself.

>> narrator: my wife killed herself.

>> russell, i need you to calm down, okay? take a couple of deep breaths, we're going to get somebody on the way there, okay.

>> narrator: russell faria said he came home to find his wife dead on the sofa, and it looked like suicide, he told the operator. now much later, russ told us something clicked when he saw her lying there.

>> well, she had talked about it years before and actually tried it once or twice.

>> and when you came in?

>> i saw slashes on her arms and that was the first thing that just registered in my mind.

>> narrator: early the next morning, betsy 's mirror janet myers got a knock on the door. officers standing there on her doorstep.

>> one of them just looked right at me and said, betsy 's dead. and i said, well, how could she be dead? she was just here last night.

>> narrator: officer s also went to betsy 's sister julie's house.

>> i gave them the look,like i don't think that sounds right.

>> narrator: by the time police offered that suicide suggestion to betsy 's family, they already knew, the death of betsy faria was no suicide, not even possible. emergency responders could tell right away. and investigators found betsy 's body had been stabbed many times. russ the husband, the man who supposedly discovered the boyd had some explaining to do. but that night, at the sheriff's department, getting him to focus was not an easy thing.

>> oh, god!

>> i think you're the only one that can help us with this right now.

>> i don't know what to do.

>> narrator: but investigators had a job to do, find betsy 's killer and they thought it might be russ . who was incredibly emotional. was he acting? was this florid grief actually real? whatever it was, russ seemed to be sticking to the suicide story.

>> what do you think happened to betsy ?

>> it was like she killed herself.

>> narrator: but did he really not know about all those other stab wounds? and something else, betsy 's body was cold and stiff when those first responders arrived, rigor mortis had all right set in, the blood was drying, based on that it appeared that betsy had been dead for some time when russ called 911. so detectives zeroed in on betsy and russ 's movements.

>> tell me about your night.

>> narrator: betsy said that she had a chemo point that afternoon, and she was going to go to her mother's afterward and russ would drive her home. when she called her husband sometime after 5:00 p.m . --

>> i asked her if she needed a ride home, she said no, her friend was going to bring her home. she said she had something to talk to me about, i said is it good or bad? she said it's good, no worries. i said, okay, i'll see you at home later, and i love you and that was the last time i talked to her.

>> narrator: after that, said russ , he ran some errands and as he almost always did on tuesday evenings, he arrived at a friend's house where they had what he called game nights.

>> but that particular night, my friend had gotten a couple of movies so we decided to watch movies instead.

>> narrator: he left at 9:00, he left, got a sand witch at the local drive through and then drove back to his house in troy, which would have put him there at a 9:45 p.m .

>> i took my jacket off and calling for betsy and i seen her there on the floor.

>> will you ever forget what that waslike coming into the house seeing that?

>> i see it every time i close my eyes . i felt down by her and i looked and i saw a cut on her arm and i saw a knife in her neck.

>> that's all russ said he saw. so it looked like she r betsy had done it deliberately.

>> you're calling it a suicide, do you have any idea who may have harmed betsy ?

>> no, everybody loved betsy . she was a positive soul. she always brought smiles to people. she made me smile all the time. she made me so proud.

>> it's not typical for someone that's going to commit suicide to do it by the way that she done it. and that's what concerns us.

>> narrator: so it did. it also made russ the prime suspect .