Dateline   |  March 14, 2014

The House on Sumac Drive part 6

The jury renders its verdict. Friends and family of both Betsy and Russ react.

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>> narrator: russ faria 's defense attorney precluded sending any evidence to the jury about pam hupp's inconsistencies and insurance went fall made his last best case that his client was an innocent manage. russ wasn't pretenting to be grieving when he made that 911 call, said joel schwartz, he was grieving.

>> he sounded like a man who was grieving and he was grieving. but he was trying to answer the questions that were asked.

>> narrator: and russ told the police he thought it was suicide because that's what it looked like when he walked into the house and found her there.

>> her wrist was slit deeply and the knife was in her neck. although there was 56 wounds, those were the only two visible to the naked eye . her shirt and her pants covered up every other stab wound and those weren't visible to see. i think the person calling this in as a suicide, but somebody who had no idea.

>> narrator: this is not the result of a wild stabbing, rather they appeared to be methodically and deliberately made after betsy was dead to make it look like a crime of passion .

>> there's no other explanation for the lack of blood and no other explanation for the deep cut on her wrist that's post mortem .

>> narrator: and russ 's.

>> how would the blood get on the shoes?

>> somebody attempted to stage this.

>> dipped it in the blood?

>> dipped it in the blood and hid them back in the closet.

>> narrator: and the allegations that betsy had sex with russ before killing her.

>> there were eight sperm cells found inside of her during the autopsy the next day.

>> narrator: totally consistent with what russ told the police, that is intimacy two days before the murder. and besides all of that said the defense, given russ 's alibi, there's simply no way he could have committed the crime. but the state wasn't quite finished with its case against russ faria . the prosecutor declined our request for an interview. in her closing art, she presented a theory of how the crime occurred. making claims for which she did not present evidence at trial. and those claims were big. the alibi, she told the jurors was all a set up for the precise intention of hiding a murder and that russ 's game night friends were in deep, co-conspirators with who helped russ hatch the murder plan, waited for the right night to carry it out and then lied out about on the stand.

>> we're innocent people. there is absolutely no evidence that we did anything wrong that night, there never will be because it didn't happen.

>> narrator: and despite what the prosecutor argued, neither mike corbin nor any of the others have ever been charged with conspiracy nor have they been connected in any way to betsy 's murder. so according to the prosecutor, how did russ do it without getting a single drop of blood on the clothes he wore all that evening and that night when he talked to detectives afterwards? here's how, said the prosecutor the jury. first, knowing what he intended to do, russ ran errands so he would appear in front of those surveillance cameras. then drove to his friend's house and dropped off his cell phone so it would ping there all evening. then he droved the half hour home, stripped naked, had sex with betsy , stabbed her more than 50 times, showered, put on his slippers, began to slip on the blood but caught himself and stopped, then he cleaned those slippers off. then he got dressed and one of his friends drove his car back to his house and then russ called 911 and quickly tossed his slipper into the closet. and what did russ think of all that?

>> i thought she was making up some kind of cockamamy story. i had four correct people that i was with all evening. i don't know of anybody that would lie for anybody when it comes to a crime like that. you know, i wouldn't. not for my best friend , not for my mom.

>> narrator: the more important question of course is what the jurors would think, they deliberated for 4 1/2 hours before arriving at a verdict.

>> when you heard it?

>> relief. huge relief.

>> narrator: guilty. guilty of first-degree murder.

>> it was devastating but i was trying my best to hold it together because my family's behind me there and i can hear them crying.

>> how would people get the idea that you were in fact capable of this?

>> i don't know. i previously had had a temper, but i never touched betsy in any way. they wanted to blame somebody and the police were telling them that it was me.

>> narrator: russell faria was sentenced to life in prison . he's filing an appeal. and sits in his cell now unable to do much of anything but say --

>> i can't imagine ever being mad enough to do anything like that to anybody, let alone my wife whom i loved. i never stopped loving my wife. i'm innocent of this. i did not kill her.

>> narrator: betsy 's family was and remains convinced justice was done no matter what anybody says.

>> if somebody were to come to you with strong evidence that wasn't russ but it was some other person, is that something that you could accept?

>> i would still feel it's russ , 100%.

>> narrator: as for pam hupp, she insisted to "dateline" she had no involvement in the murder, she said she had no motive to kill betsy , her dna wasn't found at the house and she cooperated with the police. pam also said she set up a trust for betsy 's daughters. the family said it did not receive any insurance money. and meanwhile, the answer to the mystery, who killed betsy , still for some hangs in the air. resolved by a jury, and yet, does anyone really know?