Dateline   |  March 28, 2014

The Mystery on Bridle Path, part 2

Ruth Kennedy is frantic.  Why had the phone gone dead? What happened to her daughter Carol? Maybe her ex-husband, Steve DeMocker knows what to do.

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>> tried back, couldn't reach carol. then she called the sheriff's department.

>> she's out there, she screamed and said oh, no and the phone just dropped and i'm at my wit's end.

>> did you call her or did she call you?

>> she called me tonight, she calls me every night, because i'm 83 and she worries about me. and we were having our conversation and all of a sudden she just screamed and said oh, no. and i haven't been able to get her to answer the phone back. i'm afraid something bad's happened.

>> okay, ruth . and who does your daughter live with?

>> she's recently divorced. she's alone.

>> what's your daughter's name?

>> carol kennedy.

>> narrator: did you notice what she said, recently divorced? certainly the operator heard it.

>> do you believe there's any reason she would be concerned if her husband came back?

>> i don't think so, i don't think it's that kind of a thing, you know.

>> okay.

>> friends all knew that even after their divorce, steve and carol still cared deeply for each other, and their two daughters. that connection between the two of them interests me.

>> they took time to nurture their relationship and to spend time together and do think, that they enjoyed doing in bringing up katie and charlotte.

>> narrator: but carol wasn't answering her phone and ruth was frantic.

>> we'll have someone go out there and check on her and they'll give you a call.

>> narrator: you can imagine what that was like for ruth , so far away, waiting for a phone call . she knew carol had a border, that offbeat dude named jim natt. but steve would know what to do. she called him on his cell phone and when he didn't pick up she left him this message.

>> this is ruth , on the phone with carol. and she screamed and said oh, no, and dropped the phone and i can't get her back. maybe you could check on her and let me know something.

>> jacob was actually living there while he tried to sort out a few issues with his parents. what was your relationship like with him and what was charlotte's relationship like? charlotte was very close with steve . he offered me to stay with him before, you know, tried to figure something out, just to make my situation with my parents better. so i have a lot of respect for him. definitely looked up to him.

>> steve , an avid outdoorsman was out for a mountain bike ride. and it was getting late. really late.

>> we usually would have dinner there pretty late. it was normal to have dinner at 9:00, 9:30. when he hadn't come home around that time is when we kind of started to get a little worried, that maybe he had crashed or gotten hurt or something.

>> what did you do?

>> charlotte called his cell phone and --

>> no answer?

>> no answer.

>> did it go straight to voicemail?

>> yes.

>> narrator: anyway, hungry for dinner, they went to the store for groceries.

>> probably around 10:00 , 10:15 , and he told us that he had a flat tire and he was at the workout center and he was going to finish his workout there.

>> what happened to his phone?

>> that it had died.

>> while he was out there with the flat tire ?

>> yes.

>> narrator: they made a quick dinner, vegetable stir fry , it was late, but then again, it was a mild summer night, not a care in the world, it seemed, no idea what was happening at the house on bridle path.