Dateline   |  March 28, 2014

The Mystery on Bridle Path, part 3

Charlotte DeMocker and her then-boyfriend Jake Janusek are worried. No one has heard from Charlotte’s mother Carol Kennedy. When they decide to drive over to her home, what will they find?

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daughter rushes to the scene, what would she find?

>> she started to cry pretty hard.

>> reporter: when "dateline" kofblts.

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>> we were pretty close to being finishe finished.

>> narrator: that's when steve told them about a strange phone call from carol's mother.

>> how did charlotte react to that?

>> she was worried. charlotte said she texted her mom earlier that evening, everything seemed fine then. but now, she called her mother, voicemail.

>> hey, mom, i heard from grandmother that something happened while you were on the phone. now i'm getting worried about you. if you want to text me back and tell me everything's okay.

>> narrator: the beginnings of panic bubbled up in charlotte 's brain. she and her boyfriend called around to local hospitals but nobody named carol kennedy had been admitted to any of them.

>> so this is nighttime, is there any thought of going over there?

>> we had talked about it.

>> narrator: steve was concern d ed about carol of course, but as her new ex-husband, he had a feeling too.

>> they had just gotten the divorce and he didn't feel comfortable invading her privacy, if she was on a date or something like that. so charlotte and i decided we would go out there and check on her, and see if anything was out of the ordinary.

>> narrator: it was after midnight when charlotte -- do you remember what it was like driving over there?

>> very quiet. i don't even remember we spoke very much at all on the way there.

>> because?

>> just nervous.

>> a little anxious? 1234r right?

>> as soompb as we got to the top of the hill , we could see the sheriff's lights and all the cars and just the worst thoughts are going through my mind at that point.

>> it almost hits you here before it hits you here.

>> you kind of feel it in your stomach first for sure. then we got closer to the house and we saw caution tape and all the people running around and everything. we had pulled up and stopped on the side of the road and two sheriffs walked up on either side of the car, we rolled the windows down.

>> did this person know who you were?

>> i think they thought we were just passing through, and charlotte said no, this is my mom's how. and he said i'm sorry to tell you, but carol passed away . at that point she just immediately broke down, started crying pretty hard.

>> narrator: charlotte dropped the phone, fell to pieces.

>> were you frightened?

>> a little bit. really more to for charlotte . i mean even now i don't think i could figure out how to console someone in that situation.

>> narrator: maybe steve would know what to do.

>> i picked up the cell phone and told steve what had happened that he needed to come down and be with charlotte .

>> narrator: and steve ?

>> he was taken aback. it was almost kind of like disbelief, like he didn't really know what to say really. kind of hear him choking back some tears a little bit. and that was hard.

>> narrator: right away steve rushed over to carol's house. a detective had a recorder going, you could hear charlotte sobbing and steve talking.

>> the last time i saw her was, i don't know, it's been a while.

>> narrator: someone else talked to the detectives too, someone who showed up just minutes after police got there. jim natt who had a lot to say about carol. but he didn't