Dateline   |  April 21, 2014

Ransom, Part 6

Quinn makes a desperate call to her mother. Will she finally be released?

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>>> it was monday, three days since quinn gray 's kidnapping. and there had been no communication with the kidnappers since the night before. the fbi 's tony k rcht av kravith changed strategies.

>> we wanted to give them a way out.

>> what was the way out you offered?

>> nobody has been hurt. if they drop you off somewhere, if they just let you go, nobody will know the difference.

>> just let her go?

>> just let her go.

>> monday morning turned into afternoon. quinn 's mom seemed to be getting desperate. she sent a text on her own to the kidnappers, without fbi approval. i am heart broken, and girls probably no longer have a mother. you have no heart. and i pray that what goes around comes around.

>> she was angry. she was tired. she was worried.

>> angry at you?

>> angry at all of us, i think. we weren't able to bring her daughter home yet.

>> throughout the ordeal, reid gray, who was pushed into the background after the kidnappers said they didn't want to deal with him anymore, had been alternately upset and angry as well. detective howard cole spent some time with quinn 's husband.

>> i think there was times when he actually wanted to go get the money out of his own bank account and make the money drop. i think there was times when he thought we didn't know what we were doing.

>> what was your sense of reid himself?

>> seemed like a real decent guy.

>> genuinely worried about his wife?

>> yes. he was helpless, he was powerless and he was depending on us to fix it. i just really was very empathetic. i put myself in his shoes and i thought that he dealt with it pretty well, considering the circumstances.

>> reid waited at his home. everyone waited as minutes became hours, hoping for some contact. but there was nothing. quinn 's mom was so stressed that tony kravith suggested a change of scenery and had her brought to this backcourt yard of the fbi jacksonville headquarters. it was around 6:00 p.m .

>> gail picked up the phone, her whole physical being changed.

>> and it was quinn .

>> quinn , quinn , what's wrong?

>> and she was completely hysterical on the phone, screaming literally. she was screaming at me.

>> quinn , quinn ! talk to me, please!

>> she was completely incoherent at that point. i couldn't even understand what she was saying.

>> quinn , did they hurt you?

>> tony kravith could only hear one side of the conversation.

>> the blood drained from her face, her knees start to shake, her legs go weak. nobody can understand what she's saying, and then --

>> quinn , quinn .

>> she hangs up.

>> you think maybe they were attacking her or killing her then?

>> we don't know. but this is the first time that she sounds hysterical, so we don't know now if she's hurt. it sounds like she's very upset.

>> while tony kravith tried to calm quinn 's mom, somebody else had already heard from quinn . a 911 operator .

>> what's your emergency?

>> my name is quinn gray and i was kidnapped.

>> it was quinn .

>> okay, what's happened?

>> she was free.

>> i need you to take a deep breath, okay?

>> i was kidnapped.

>> shaken and in tears, quinn said she was just dropped out of a white van and was now standing near a mall shopping center in front of a restaurant.

>> somebody is on the way, okay.

>> okay, thank you.

>> sheriff's deputies headed to quinn 's location, while she stayed on the line with 911.

>> i don't know, like a warehouse or something. he tied me to a chair with duct tape. you have no idea what i just went through.

>> i cannot imagine and i'm so sorry for you.

>> deputy trent was one of the first to find her.

>> she was acting very erratic, was flailing around a lot and was yelling on her cell phone .

>> quinn was brought to the fbi 's jacksonville office, where her mom and brother-in-law met her.

>> it's not quite the joyful reunion you'd expect?

>> as far as being joyful, no. she was hysterical when she saw me for the first time. of course i was hysterical and we ran to each other, embraced each other and cried together.

>> an audio recorder in one of the fbi 's interview rooms picked up quinn 's voice from the hallway. quinn was then led alone into that interview room and one of the first things she told the agents there was that she felt her husband didn't really want to save her life.

>> i feel like my husband wanted me dead.

>> why is that?

>> the man makes a lot of money. let's just say that maybe my life isn't worth him paying it back. i feel that there is a very dark and sinister side to my husband that i've always sensed in a way.

>> was there another side to reid gray that investigators didn't know and could he have had anything to do with his own wife's kidnapping? the