Dateline   |  April 21, 2014

Ransom, Part 12

The final chapter: Will we ever know what really happened on that Labor Day weekend in 2009?

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>>> quinn gray had pleaded not guilty to charges she tried to extort $50,000 from her husband in an elaborate kidnapping hoax. but even though investigators considered reid gray as a victim, to the surprise of many, he decided to stand by his wife. two months after her arrest, reid even appeared on the "today" show and offered total support for quinn .

>> roller coaster of emotion, from the onset. there are times when you sit in front of the fbi and they present you evidence that she was the mastermind of this and you have no choice but to believe that entirely at that point. but i believe in all of my heart that she was kidnapped.

>> quinn 's mom also stood firmly behind her daughter, saying jasmin osmanovic was to blame, not quinn .

>> i believe she was just manipulated and her mind snapped.

>> you believe she's telling the truth?

>> absolutely.

>> the fbi and the sheriff do not.

>> well, they don't understand what can happen to a person who has a mental illness .

>> gail sikes says her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder , a form of mental illness marked by both manic highs and deep depressions.

>> i think that she was having a severe bipolar manic episode . she thought she was going to die. you have to remember, she's just hazelton.

>> quinn had only recently been released from the hazelton clinic, where she had undergone treatment for alcohol abuse . her mom thinks once quinn stopped self medicating with alcohol, her bipolar disorder suddenly emerged. on the "today" show, reid said quinn 's family had a history of bipolar disorder .

>> i know there's definitely something not right, because that's not the wife that i know.

>> quinn 's mom felt her daughter had a strong defense. she says that on the tape, osmanovic says he will release quinn . it's one of the few places on the tape where he sounds like her captor and not her lover.

>> tonight you go home, which i promised from day one, right?

>> yes.

>> and quinn 's mother, who's never heard the tape, says it was because of quinn 's mental condition that her daughter had sex with osmanovic.

>> he started blowing in her ear and i think she just wanted to feel the comfort and the feeling of feeling secure and loved maybe.

>> with the guy who had just brutally abducted her?

>> in her mental state , yes. i believe that is exactly what happened to her.

>> that tape doesn't make her sound like a victim.

>> well, you have to think it through a little bit more carefully. she thought this man is going to save my life. and is going to restore me to my family.

>> quinn 's mom also points out that investigators were never able to document the supposed affair between quinn and osmanovic. investigators admit they couldn't find a shred of evidence that the two had any relationship before that labor day weekend .

>> does it give you any pause at all that there's no proof that those two knew each other before labor day weekend ?

>> you know, it does and it doesn't. we knew that their encounter was consensual.

>> you can tell that from the tape?

>> yes. regardless of when the relationship started, they knew each other and they were involved with each other.

>> but the prosecutor in the case, jennifer dutton says her office was never shown any proof that quinn suffers from a mental illness .

>> do you see anything to indicate quinn was diagnosed as bipolar before that weekend?

>> no. her doctor had made the assertion that he believed she was bipolar, although backed off that a little bit and said she did not meet all the criteria.

>> in january of 2010 , four months after the incident, jasmin osmanovic pleaded guilty to extortion. in court appearances, the formery cocky, perhaps even arrogant mechanic, now appeared looking like a man who's been had.

>> because he's a criminal.

>> but quinn gray decided to continue her fight. the state of florida prepared its case against the wealthy mom.

>> the strength of our case were all the times that quinn gray was left alone . she was left alone several times overnight. she was often left in cars when osmanovic made trips into various businesses.

>> all proving that she could have walked away if she wanted to, could have escaped, therefore, it wasn't a real kidnapping?

>> correct.

>> what was the truth? at one point reid gray arranged a private lie detector test for his wife. according to assistant state attorney dutton, the results were not what he expected.

>> i've been provided records that she did not pass that polygraph. she was deceptive. i believe at some point he also indicated he eventually listened to that tape, which he had not listened to it previously.

>> does reid get this much action?

>> you know he doesn't.

>> he's not a dumb man, he's a smart man, he's a successful businessman. he was connecting the dots too.

>> reid gray eventually changed his mind and with it, his support for his wife. in august of 2010 , he was granted a divorce and now shares custody of the couple's daughters. reid did not want to be interviewed by "dateline," but told us i wanted to thank law enforcement and the state for all their hard-working efforts to ensure the safety of my family. and perhaps quinn was ready to move on with her life. in february of 2011 , she pleaded no contest to extortion. it was something her mom encouraged.

>> i didn't want a jury to find her guilty and send her to prison.

>> even though a no contest plea is basically admitting your guilt?

>> i understand, but at least she would not have to go to prison.

>> quinn sent us a statement saying she was abducted at gunpoint and never knew osmanovic, but added i do not deny all forms of responsibility for things that occurred after the abduction. and, she says, because of her mental state at the time, her past experiences and her fresh recovery from alcoholism, osmanovic manipulated by every thought and completely altered my belief system about my life. i made the decision to accept a no contest plea to avoid a lengthy, salacious trial that could have further emotionally harmed my family, my mental health , and my road to recovery. quinn gray and jas minimum osmanovic were both sentenced to time in jail and ordered to repay a total of $86,000 in overtime costs that were run up by all the law enforcement personnel who worked that weekend trying to find quinn . both declined to be interviewed. both are now free. and since our report first aired, quinn and her ex-husband have separately remarried.

>> what's in this for quinn gray ?

>> i don't know.

>> i mean if she divorces her husband, she'd get a lot more than $50,000.

>> was it a call for help? was it a psychological call for help? i don't know the answer to that. was it a desperate act to get attenti attention? i don't know the answer to that. i can tell you, she sure picked a colorful way to do it.

>> it's hard to pull off a fake kidnapping, it just is.