Dateline   |  April 21, 2014

The Road Home, part 3

In Red Lake, Minnesota Sam meets survivor Justin Jourdain, whose story from the 2005 shootings is eerily similar to Sam’s. Justin, now a tribal police officer was moved to action in the wake of another school shooting.

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>>> as he travels across the country, visiting other survivors, sam is keeping a video diary.

>> it was a little bit surreal. it feels like sort of breaking through the walls of a movie into reality. and all of a sudden it's there in front of your face.

>> he reflects on his jonesboro visit.

>> to me, that was two terrors in one day.

>> his most difficult moment standing with debbie and lynette in the courtyard where children and a teacher were lost.

>> i'm surprised they didn't kill more than what they did. it was just pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.

>> as we went outside, it started to get to me a little bit. you could get the feeling of the complete terror that they must have gone through. oh, don't leave me here alone oh, i don't want to be alone i want to find a home i want to share it with you

>> right now i'm driving into red lake , minnesota which is an indian reservation . i'm going to meet up with justin jordain.

>> this community is in shock asking how could someone so young turn so violent and leave so many families grieving the loss of a loved one. thanks for meeting us here.

>> the classrooms at red lake high where some of the shooting he tells sam he hid in a nearby office together with about 20 other students.

>> when the shot happened, we heard somebody stepping through glass and it breaking and getting closer. he comes to the door. first thing i did was grab onto the handle. me and the superintendent at the time we grand onto the handle.

>> speechless. i don't know what to say. that's crazy.

>> did you believe he also was holding the door during the shooting?

>> i had no idea, you know, i wanted to scream out and be like, hey, i, i also held the door shut. i knew deep down that it was a really good bonding moment between the two of us.

>> justin , a tribal police officer now, is a man of few words. instead, he's a man of action as he showed in the wake of a 2012 shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut.

>> so you went out to newtown?

>> yeah. we drove across. took me three days to get everything organized and to get all the people together that wanted to come. and we just took off and left.

>> justin and his delegation brought sandy hook this dream catcher as a show of support. the gift was more than a symbol. it had been given to the red lake community seven years before from a group of students at columbine. today he was paying that gift forward with a special message from red ling.

>> may this dream catcher never have to travel again i believe is what it said on it.

>> just got goose bumps .

>> it was a healing thing. just, when you go out there, let them know that we know what they're feeling like.

>> mm-hm.

>> it helped us, too, by, i mean, dealing with what we went through.

>> flare is a word inscribed above the door of the room sam and justin met in.

>> i noticed this, how do you say that?

>> ogichidag. it means warrior.

>> i saw justin as this silent warrior , whose presence was so powerful being here with me goes such a long way to step forward in a community that doesn't really open up a whole lot.

>> courage. sam will need it at another stop. northern illinois university .

>> i tried to help them. and then i fell apart.

>> lucky for sam , he'll have a shoulder to cry on and plenty of advice from a man named joe.