Disrupt   |  September 14, 2013

Real reason Ted Cruz wants 100 more like Jesse Helms

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz got himself in hot water this week as he praised the late North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms, who opposed all kinds of civil rights. But take a closer look at Sen. Helms’ voting record and it becomes clearer why Cruz might be so enamored.

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>>> star texas senator ted cruz made these statements at the heritage foundation .

>> the willingness to say all those crazy things is a rare, rare characteristic in this town. and you know what? it's every bit as true now as it was then. we need 100 more like jesse helms in the u.s. senate .

>> yes. you may recall the late north carolina senator jesse helms , opposed civil rights and supported all forms of bigotry or as david broader called him, the last prominent unabashed white racist politician in this country. but if you look at voting record, it is clearer why mr. cruz might be so enamored. helms opposed affirmative action, same-sex marriage, background checks for gun sales, food stamps and tax cuts for working families . he voted for the war in iraq . against strikes in kosovo. he supported loosening license and background checks at gun controls, abstinence only sex education . meals on wheels, school lunches and social security . and like senator helms, senator cruz supports changes to sproeter protections and section v of the voting rights act . you know what? jesse helms is more than a small-minded eed bigot but he was a big government zealot and holds sway over the party faithful. i guess he is sorely missed.

>>> ahead, john boehner has lost control again. as he again tries to regroup the cuckoo caucus sets up the game. that's next.

>> there's all this speculation about these deadline that is are coming up. i'm well aware of the deadlines. so are my colleagues. so we're working with our colleagues to work our way through these issues.

>> i do feel sorry for him. i mean, he -- he -- he has to break away from those people