Disrupt   |  September 21, 2013

Tea Party chair blasts Dems for shutdown talk

Amy Kremer, Chair of the Tea Party Express, and Washington Post Columnist Jonathan Capehart join MSNBC’s Karen Finney for a lively debate about the looming government shutdown and Republican efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act.

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>>> frankly, we also had a victory for common sense. our message to the united states senate is real simple . the american people don't want the government shutdown and they don't want obama care.

>> well, that was speaker john boehner celebrating yesterday as he dumped the defund obama care push our economy over a cliff football right in to ted cruz 's lap. just where you think cruz would want it, especially after the summer fund raising to stand up and win the argument and not to blink when it comes to defunding obama care. well, now it's his time to stand up. the only dilemma is reality. the reality that the darling of the tea party can't deliver and every republican living in the real world is about to blink. joining me to talk about the republican efforts to defund the affordable care act is chair of the tea party express aim cramer, an opinion writer for "the washington post " jonathan capehart. thank you both for joining me.

>> thank you, karen .

>> thanks for having me.

>> amy , i want to start with you. i think the concern i think a lot of us have is, you know, when we talk about the accomplishments of obama care, the people who are already covered, talking about taking something away from people and shutting the government down to make that point, i mean, is that really a good strategy for your politics?

>> karen , we're not talking about shutting the government down. you and the democrats are talking about shutting the government down. and we want people to have access to health care . there are free market solutions. as a matter of fact, the republican study committee just came out with a plan this week to replace obama care. it's -- we passed a cr to fund the government and to allow the president to continue his deficit spending. we just want to delay and defund obama care for a year.

>> a couple things to remind you of. the dpafact we're having a continuing resolution because the house won't talk --

>> of course.

>> but i do disagree with you in terms of the conversation about shutting down the government. i have something i want to play and then talk about it on the other side.

>> there are a great many republicans who are haunted by the ghost of shutdowns past. it is received wisdom in washington that the 1995 government shutdown was a terrible loss for republicans and we should never go there again. i don't believe the evidence supports that conclusion.

>> i would rather shut the government down and not advocating for that but rather shut the golt dovernment down than america.

>> i mean, so, amy , how can you say that the conservatives, republicans, aren't talking about shutting down the government and just two members republican members talking about exactly doing that?

>> well, i'm sure that they were answering questions about it. i have never heard anybody advocate to go out and shut the government down. we passed a cr that is going to fund the government. if the government is shut down, it's because harry reid and president obama want to shut the government down. no one's talking about the fact that months ago president obama and harry reid both said they would shut down the government if we didn't roll back the sequester. my guess is if we're not having this conversation about defunding obama care, we would be having a conversation about shutting the government down because they want to roll back the cuts of the sequester.

>> again, i would remind you part of the reason we're in this problem, cantor walked away from a deal. boehner walked away from a deal.

>> the reality is -- that's the reality --

>> that's the reality.

>> no, the reality is --

>> we're fighting over shutting the government down over a continuing resolution and frankly this not good for our economy in and of itself.

>> the united states senate under reid's leadership didn't pass a budget for four years.

>> and now they passed one and the house won't meet with them. but now they have --

>> let's talk about the 40-plus democrats that voted with the republicans to delay the individual and employee mandate for a year and getting the senate what does harry reid do? tables it. if he would bring it to the floor for a debate and a vote, we might not be having this conversation about denunding the obama care.

>> i want to get jonathan in here. actually, the senate did pass a budget and waiting for the house to agree to a conference committee to sit down and hash this down.

>> first time in four years.

>> you have been writing about various exhibits in gop lunacy as you --

>> i might go through the alphabet.

>> as you have been talking about it and one comment stood out to me. ted yoho speaking to "the new york times" said, quote, it only takes one with passion. look at rosa parks , martin luther king , people with passion that speak up. they'll have people follow them because they believe the same way and smart leadership listens to that. now, i'm sorry. how is shutting down the government over taking health care from people anything like rosa parks saying --

>> exactly.

>> -- as a black woman i'm tired of sitting in the back of the bus.

>> that's why i have a problem with the congressman from florida. rosa parks trying to advance rights for african-americans. standing up to communist oppression in poland trying to get workers the right to unionize and have -- you know, protections from the government. and from employers in poland. martin luther king , we know what he was about and pushing for. but what the conservative members in the house are pushing to defund or replace -- repeal obama care, they're taking something away from people. insurance from young people 26 years or younger on their parent's health insurance , discounted drug that is seniors are able to get as a result of obama care and they're taking away the possibility of people affording health care . premiums in new york will go down 50% as a result of the affordable care act .

>> and learning about what happens across the country, actually.

>> there's no comparison of parks, king and yoho and the folks on capitol hill trying to get rid of obama care.

>> very quickly, amy --

>> yeah. i was just going to say, jonathan said the key word . insurance. on october 1st , just because you have access to obama care or the affordable care act , you have insurance. that doesn't mean you have health care . and doctors and patients medical association did a poll and there's a problem with access to health care . doctors are retiring. doctors are getting out of business. and just because you have that paper does not mean you have access. they did a poll what was the number one thing to give people better access? less government.

>> actually --

>> 70% of doctors say that.

>> we have to leave it there. we know that there are polls showing a majority of americans don't want to see obama care repealed and access to health care is where we have to start. thank you to amy cramer and jonathan capehart.

>> thank you, karen .

>> thank you.

>>> next, breaking the stigma of mental health issues in america. former congressman patrick kennedy joins us when we come back.