Disrupt   |  September 28, 2013

Debunking the 'vast Obamacare conspiracy'

The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim and Wendell Potter from the Center of Public Integrity join MSNBC's Karen Finney to go over where some of the Affordable Care Act talking points are coming from.

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>> especially vulnerable women, vulnerable children and vulnerable senior citizens now get to pay more and they get less. that's why we're here. because we're saying, let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens .

>> wow, that is some kind of crazy. i'm sorry, congresswoman bachman, despite the insane lies you've been spreading, enrollment in the health care exchanges will start this tuesday. and coverage won't begin until january 1st , people are already able to access the benefit. and instead of killing women, it's saving their lives. this is esther who suffers from diabetes and kidney failure . her illness kept sending her back to the hospital, until obama care set up incentives to reduce the number of patients they admit, that allows her to get a social worker to help her treatment on track and keep her out of a hospital bed.

>> if he wouldn't have came, i don't think i would be alive today.

>> now, of course, if you're one of those people who still believes that the president is an anarchist born in kenya, then you probably think her story is part of a false flag cover-up. you're probably more likely to change the subject and talk about white house the white house did violence in mexico to build support? does that sound crazy? it is crazy. like so many of the lies republicans have been spewing, once again, they just aren't telling the truth about the affordable care act . with me now, ryan grim from the hustington post and arthur of deadly spin. we are going to get through some of these crazy, crazy lies. and debunk them. i'll start with you, wendel , number one, it's a job killer. we know that's not true.

>> it's not true. in the long run, we'll see job creation here. it's had no adverse effect on jobs at all. i think it will be good for the economy and certainly good for individuals because one of the things obama care will do is end job lock . i think that's something people will come to appreciate more and more as we get into 2014 . people are locked into corporate jobs. they hate them in many cases but they're afraid to leave because they know they would leave their insurance if they do. many have preexisting conditions or wouldn't have any idea how they could afford or even get insurance. that will change when the exchanges go online, people can get coverage. cannot be denied. that will be a great thing.

>> as you heard earlier, they're saying it's killing hours, with when there was a study that said part time work is in part what happened to the economy, nothing to do with obama care.

>> nothing to do with obama care. employers want to have full-time employs because it makes sense for them to do that. that will not change.

>> number two, for you, ryan , the irs is coming for you. not true.

>> well, i mean, the irs is not going to be coming after companies because they delayed that for one year. you know, let's say the irs did come for you. the penalty is something like -- wendel would know the exact number. it's something like $75. it's not a huge fee when you're at the end of the year, either writing your tax bill or you're getting your refund back. so this is not something where the irs is remotely incentivized to be sending out any s.w.a.t. teams of agents to collect this change from people.

>> you know what i love about this one, they conveniently forget about the part that republicans inserted last year when we were having a conversation about women's rights that essentially women would have to prove to the irs if they'd had an abortion, they'd have to prove that it was the rape exception by providing the police report . so if anybody's going to have the irs up in your business, it's the republican madness. talking point three, return of the death panels. good old sarah palin , we have some sound from her.

>> of course there are debt panels, it's in black and white , in the law, that there will be rationing of health care .

>> oh, wendel , death panels? really?

>> sarah got a lot of mileage out of that, but it never was true, it was mafred by her and her friends. it would enable the medicare programs who were having end of life discussions with their patients. that's how they twisted it to death panels. that language was taken out of the final bill, so it never became law. now they're saying that the creation of the independent advisory board would be the new rationing board, the death panels, it's not true.

>> last one for you, ryan . and i find this to be the most ironic claim, that obama care will intrude into people's sex lives and personal privacy . just a reminder that's coming from the party that brought you the transvaginal probe.

>> it's similar to the irs . one, it's like, when these folks, you know, want a certain policy carried forward, they're going to use every instrument of the state that they can marshall.

>> right.

>> they're literally going to require a transvaginal ultrasound to make a point on abortion. and they'll use the irs against medical marijuana shops and like you said, against rape victims. so it just shows that there really isn't the consistency with regard to how the right views the federal government at this point.

>> except i think we know they're perfectly happy to shut it down. thank you, ryan grim and wendel potter.

>> thank you.

>> coming up, spousal spying and doll designing, there in your