Dylan Ratigan Show   |  July 12, 2010

From bad to worse for the unemployed?

Jane Rubinsky, an unemployed writer and editor personally affected by the jobs crisis, describes her struggle with being out of work. Senior career coach Renee Rosenberg also joins her to discuss how to recover from these trying times.

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>> joining us now, someone who has been personally affected by the extraction of money in our country that is denying tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people of jobs. jane is an unemployed editor and writer. and a senior coach with the 5:00 club, an outplacement and career organizing location. i've never met either of you before. i don't know which one is which. who is who?

>> i'm renae.

>> obviously, we can't end the mass debt depriving us of investment and all this macro nonsense. at the end of the day , what is the reality for somebody in your situation who needs a job? has it gotten better? do you feel like there's options for you?

>> there are jobs opening up. i hear of more people getting jobs. i'm still looking myself. my unemployment runs out in two weeks. i hope it's soon. i have a good feeling about prospects.

>> what is your advice to people. i was talking with a friend of mine at dinner friday night. he said you can talk all day mr. big mouth from msnbc, but what do they do?

>> as a career counselor, what we're finding is that more people are getting jobs in august. and people should be searching in august. many people feel it's not a good time to search. we believe it is. my advice would be to get out there. meet with people while the competition is on holiday. they're going to the beach. and you're out there interviewing with people. meeting people, networking and developing connections.

>> what if your job does not exist anymore? either it's been replapsed by robots and computers. it's been outsourced, or you decide you don't want to destroy america by your job because it pays well on wall street .

>> if your job doesn't exist anymore, then it's really up to you to go through an assessment process to see what your skills are, your background is, your experience is. see what skills are transferable. what you can do in the future. perhaps see a career counselor at the 5:00 club we have many people who had jobs that don't exist anymore. they reinvent themselves, look for transferable skills.

>> there are types of jobs that seem to be growing? is there growth in health care ? is there growth in alternative energy ? energy at all? is there job growth in places where we as a country need workers or just in place where is the government is hiring or the government is enabling special interests to do a jam job on the country. and that create jobs in the short term.

>> there are jobs in the health care field. they're growing. there's also jobs in the green industries. now picking up and hiring people. many industries people feel have been slow and letting go. they're also starting to rehire now.

>> if you were to look at what you've learned up to this point. do you feel like the way you look for a job in the first few months has changed between then and now?

>> i would say very much so. i've jumped into twitter and blogging. the connections i'm making on twitter and through my blog is a totally new way of thinking.

>> how has that helped? how has that changed your experience?

>> well, it broadens my connections in ways that simply are personal one-on-one networking can't. obviously personal networking is. but you can have feelers out to places even while you're asleep, even while you're in bed. your tweets and your blog and your network is working for you online. it's important especially for middle-aged people to explore.

>> how did you learn?

>> someone i met told me she couldn't find me on twitter. would i connect with her? i thought, i guess i'll open up a twitter account and find out what this is about.

>> thanks for the time. hopefully we can stay in touch with both of you. thank