Dylan Ratigan Show   |  July 13, 2010

New York Yankees lose their owner

Town square: Dylan Ratigan talks with Los Angeles Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda about the legacy George Steinbrenner left behind.

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>>> shocked to say the least. i don't know if you can put it into words. obviously there's a respect factor because he's the owner.

>> that was derek jeter commenting on the passing of george strooeinbrenner, the boss. under him, the team won american league pennants. seven world series championships. we're still trying to get tommy on the phone. nbc's jess rossen has been on the beat all day long some of the best memories you heard from the day, jeff?

>> whether you love him or you hate him, look, the man was a legend. you can't argue with this. george steinbrenner bought the tem for $8 .7 million. today the yankees organization is worth $1.6 billion. whether you like the decisions he made in baseball or not, that's just a winning owner. george steinbrenner , he corrects his success, we talk about little league coaches and parents. he says he remembers his father after track meets would come up to him if he came in second place and say, what the heck happened? why were you number two? he said that tough love made him successful. his first big high profile hire was reggie jackson . fans are coming down to lay down flowers at the stadium. it's been a day to remember the man. whether you liked him or not.