Dylan Ratigan Show   |  August 06, 2010

Our mosque, our problem?

Daily Rant: Emotions have reached a boiling point over the controversial mosque being built near Ground Zero. Msnbc contributor Toure explains why some critics shouldn’t weigh in if they don’t live in New York City.

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>> i've never been so proud of mayor for life miami bloomberg as i was this week when he stood up against the anti-defamation league and sarah pale on the proclaim his support for cordova house, a muslim cultural center built a few blocks for ground zero . the aim is to work towards interfaith tolerance and respect. which is why the proximity to ground zero makes perfect sense. it's not going to secretly worship al qaeda . it will welcome outsiders into the 500-seat auditorium, art exhibition stations and swimming pool . anyone who opposes a new swimming pool in manhattan, does so at great peril. new york may need more pools to keep the peace. the argument that cordova house is is too close to where we were attacked by a lunatic fringe fraction of the world is farcical. america is all about religious freedom , and we can't make the vicinity a zone of religious intolerance . what you should be worried about the is message we send the world if a muslim group seeks to foster tolerance and is rejected. i will be opposed to launching an al qaeda training center in new york city . cordova house is far from that. holding all muslims responsible for the action of a few is islamic-phobic. to blame islam for 9/11 is to employ the same faulty logic as blaming christians for fatal abortion clinic bombings or to be bad at all jews when woody allen makes a bad movie . the other side of the coin is that this is alocal manhattan issue. i like many nighers do not appreciate the nation imposing on new york affairs. especially ex-governors who look down on new york as elitists. just because we think a lot of ourselves, doesn't mean we're elitists. and just because 9/11 was a national heartbreak, does not mean every proposed change and tribeca should be debated on by people who don't know what it means. this is considering a move to ground zero . what would sarah palin say about having a temple to high fashion in hollywood at ground zero ? dylan, i don't care.

>> that was one of my favorite rants so far, first of all. i don't want to be -- my job is to be skeptical. it's what i'm paid to do. but i largely agree with everything you said, with a couple notable exceptions. you asserted there's no way it will be an al qaeda training center. how do we know swimming pool is not secret islamic code for nuclear bomb?

>> all i would say to that is the expectation of mistrust that we cannot trust these people. if the christian center said we want to build a big church there. would you say are you using this as a place to house the people --

>> but that's a little bit unfair --

>> why?

>> only in the sense psychologically, emotionally that a radicalized faction of islam perpetrated an attach very nearby. i'm not saying it's rational. i agree with you.

>> islam did not attack us. islamic people attacked us. we can't group the whole thing in together. that's like saying black people are cool. they're not all cool.

>> black people didn't attack you. a black person attacked you. don't emonize them all. the expectation this is a trojan horse . come on. that would be worse. let's play that out. oo group comes together and announced we want to create a million dollar building near ground zero instead of buying something that nobody knows about. attract the world's attention. when everybody is looking, we'll release, release the hounds.

>> the swimming pool .

>> we'll release the swimming tool.

>> we have kerry radshaw. here's another issue that you touched on that's been concerning me. there are conservatives in the country that represent a conservative ideology that ivy was valuable to the political dialogue that goes to the sort of eisenhower, stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my bank account , separation of business and state. then there's another class of conservatives that is this social regressive magic money tree , fear monger class led by george bush and sarah palin . how it is this social progressive fear monger money tree class led bizarre ra palin and the rest are able to push attention on things like this, and do they do it to distract from the fact that they were largely the architects of the system that has been destroying the country over the past ten years. although it was initiated by bill clinton and bob reuben. they had the opportunity to jack it up.

>> politically speaking, this is a really easy button to push. especially outside of new york to say look at those elitist new yorkers putting a mosque -- that's -- that's where you get into the language thing. if we call it a mosque, it evokes that particular architecture. people will be chanting. oh, we can not have this. when you think of a muslim cultural center , what's wrong with that? it reminds me of a willy horton . the easy button to push. oh, we're already afraid of black people . we're already afraid of muslims . even though black people are not out of get you. muslims are not out to get you.

>> i think sarah palin might think black people and muslims are out to get her. in her own mind. i