Dylan Ratigan Show   |  January 10, 2012

Ratigan’s new book aims at fixing America

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan debuts his new book, “Greedy Bastards.”

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>>> as you know if you watch us here, today is book day for us. the official release of "greedy bastards." what's the book about? in a sentence, it identifies the root of our problems and gives us, because it is up to us, in president will save us , we have learned that. it's up to us to fix those problems and the path forward is in this book. at least a version of it. as for the title --

>> a greedy bastard is not a person. it's a behavior. on any given day on any level of society, aoi of us could exhibit it. greedy bastard behavior uses deception to get you to agree to a deal while passing off the risk to you without you knowing about it. it exploits influence for private gain. greedy bastards offer customers on a low price on something they naid need. but if you dig deep enough, there's always a catch. the odds of that terrible risk happening today, tomorrow, or any given day are close to none. doesn't sound like a bad deal, right? but in the long run, the small risk is inevitable. the way the game is played, that small risk is put on to the government. when greedy bastards use money to advocate policies that make it happen. in the book, i call this the bad deal. think of it this way. take this delicious, mouth-watering pricey chocolate bar at a fraction of the cost. you can't resist, can you? but here's the catch. somewhere inside this sweet is a rock hard enough to break your teeth. you can't see the rock. you can't figure out where it is. but be sure it's in there. and every time you take a bite, you increase your chances of breaking your teeth. and the government keeps making these deals with industry. we saw it in 2010 with the gulf oil spill. we always knew there was a small risk of something terrible happening. for years, nothing did. but then the blowout preventer failed, and you know the rest. the oil profits stay with bp execs like the liability is transferred to the government and the people of america on the ? gulf coast . the behavior is everywhere from wall street to main street . we found multitrillion-dollar trefts across the country. greedy bastard systems have infected international trade , energy, health care , education, and even the politicians they buy. bear in mind, not all decision take millions. we heard of workers taking disability payments while still on the job site. they too are greedy bastards. the behavior is easy to spot because it's in every economic level in our society. we must recognize what greedy bastard behavior is and seize the modern tools to enforce shared visibility, integrity, and choice into every decision we make so that we can align our interests. and then, as they make themselves known, the challenge is to find compassion and align our interests to restore our republic.

>> that just a sliver of the story told in the book's release today. people ask, what can i do to help fix our country? in this boong, we show you while our problems are massive, in many cases you may learn they are bigger than you thought, the very solutions to meet them are similarly massive and they are not only out there, but of you and i, if we join together, we shall overcome. we will overcome. [ male