Dylan Ratigan Show   |  February 03, 2012

Ball: ‘There is no poverty Super PAC’

Democratic strategist and MSNBC contributor Krystal Ball says it’s not surprising that the GOP isn’t discussing poverty, but then again, neither are the Democrats.

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>>> debut as a daily ranter, krystal ball, our in house optimist.

>> mitt romney made headlines this week with a bone headed comment that he wasn't concerned about the very poor? you'd have to conclude he was just being honest. liberals like me cackled with delight at his latest gaffe. conservatives had a massive face palm at romney's foot and mouth disorder. it's not really news that the plight of the poor is not the gop's priority. where are democrats on helping the poor have you heard much from any politician? the time the national poverty rate was 19%. today the latest statistics have the poverty rate at over 15%. it's the highest level in nearly two decades. one in five american children live in poverty. what did president obama have to say about poverty in his state of the union address ? the president has personally worked as a community organizer in poor communities. the poverty was barely mentioned in the state of the union . why? poor kids don't vote and poor adults are unreliable voters. there's no poverty super pac. in other words, neither party gets political scratch for fighting for the poor. the president gave a beautiful speech thursday at the prayer breakfast where he spoke of caring for the least of these. don't expect poverty to be a focus of his reelection campaign. both parties adopted the same model. pander to the voters they depend on to get elected. serve the donors and special interests who fund their campaigns. when it's time to cut programs, there's no analysis of which programs are most effective and most efficient. funds are cut from the programs with the newest lobbyists backing them. the fewest political donations dependent on them. the successful programs like w.i.c. get cut. i am a proud democrat in part because i believe our policies do much more to help those who struggle most. but we have allowed the dialogue on poverty to be shaped by the republican caricature of poor people where are the voices screaming that the problem in america is not the value of a paycheck. the prab is there aren't enough jobs. the problem is that our education system utterly fails the peoples' whose fate is most tied to it. too many of our politicians have forgotten to be voices for the voiceless. dylan?

>> i think you found an issue, krystal ball.

>> i was thinking maybe i should have talked about the super bowl , but this was weighing on me so i went with it.

>> you're a young mom and that you have ran for congress in the past around a concern for these issues. you are certainly in a great position to carry this agenda. it ties nicely with what we're trying to do with a culture of investment in america as a prerequisite to the jobs you're talking about.

>> it also ties into getting money out of politics. part of the reason it isn't is a focus is poor people aren't contributors to the campaign.

>> well presented. congratulations on the first of what i'm sure will be many rants. krystal ball, thank you so much. thanks to everybody who has been joining us since this 30 million jobs tour has undertaken. as many of you know, i'm no fan of this up to. however, that's wrong. this town is central to what we do and it is for us to apply the pressure not to reject or abandon it, but to engage it. i'm delighted to have the privilege of doing so with you and with them. i am dylan ratigan , i look forward to seeing you monday in new york. we're off to texas for the back half of