Dylan Ratigan Show   |  June 22, 2012

Ratigan: Next up, mission analysis

The Nation's Ari Melber continues the exit interview with MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan as they discuss what's next for Ratigan.

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>>> welcome back. now, we are going to turn to the question hopefully on everyone's mind. what is dylan doing next?

>> that's at least on my mother's mind. i can't speak for anybody else, but you're asking --

>> what are you doing next?

>> mission analysis. so, we've got this huge thing, which is as we know, we've got to get a lot done and we know certain people are doing it. and we know that we have the skills to teach these things, to model these things, to show these things. not myself alone, but as a collective. and i know that if i stay here and host a cable tv show every day for the rest of the year, that it will be impossible for me to open the laboratory or whatever you call it to meet with people and figure out how to better teach model and show a lot of the things that folks have shone us. so you're kind of forced into a situation where you can stay and do one really awesome job, which is the one that i had the benefit of having, or you can do something else, but you can't do both. when you find yourself in one of those situations, if you have clarity on what the other thing is or the goal, you don't know how to do it. if you have clarity on what the goal is and you know what you're doing is preventing you u from going to that goal, making the change the fairly easy. especially if the goal is just a continuation of the same crusade with more of a show don't tell. we want to show this. right now, i've been sitting in suits and taking a car service to midtown and all this nonsense. it's just talking.

>> people are hearing that you've got a laboratory.

>> metaphorical laboratory. i don't want people to think we have a building with bunsen burners .

>> where is the laboratory going to be?

>> i'll be in new york, california, texas. i will meet with teachers. i'll meet based with something mean lful helping people not just learn about these things, but see and experience how to better apply some of these things in their own lives.

>> so on a spectrum where one end is a business and one tries to generate change, where are you?

>> i feel like there are certain things that i'd like to do that are clearly non-profit, direct pass through missions and there are other things in the production business. maybe in the consulting, like teaching and modeling are free things. if you can teach people, information should be free or cheap because it is a prerequisite to any rational engagement with a group of people. so if you withhold information or awareness from any community to retain power or to make money, it strikes me as dishonorable. and so i think our goal is to try to make all these things more accessible, understandable, and more achievable and that the modeling should be done in a way, a sustainable. you don't want to be pulling assets out. so those are non-profit, but there are for profit. tv's a for profit business. i'll get back into tv. and i think there's an opportunity once you have a good understanding of where you are, to do a tremendous amount of work.

>> you will be back in tv in some way. the question is, the mechanism?

>> i don't get the privilege of deciding whether i'll ever be back in tv. i have very good relationships with people here and there's a lot of folks in television i suppose in general and my goal is to be able to leave and come back to them with something that i believe is such a compelling product that they will, would love to put it on television, but that will be, that's for the future to determine. i have to get a product and they have to decide it makes sense for them to put it on tv.

>> now, your time frame , people may not realize. you have one superhero power. that is old face. you have old face. which gives you --

>> you're saying i actually wear old face.

>> but people who don't know you will may not know you are 40 years old. you were hosting shows on cnbc in your early 30s and stuff at bloomberg in your early 20s. you move fast. what is your time frame ? three years, ten years?

>> we don't have that amount of time. you never know. you got to figure out, we will have skunk works , right, where we figure this out from now until after the election. at the minimum. considering how ambitious we are. 18 months at the maximum before we're really ready for prime time . i think -- the nature of the work, particular decision i make.

>> and what is skunk works in a sense?

>> skunk works is a place to conduct experiments, to teach, model and show how to get more for less.

>> and you know i got to ask you these questions. it can't all be softball.

>> this is easy.

>> if someone watching said i hear your goals and i like the ideas, but i still don't know what you're really talking about, what this is. would that be deliberate? would they have a reason to be confused?

>> yeah. no, no. they should -- if you're confused, you should be. okay? but that's not because we don't know what we're doing. it's because in order to leave one thing to go show another thing, you end up with basically asymmetrical information by definition. meaning there are different people who know different amounts of things. i could come out here and give you a list of the people i'm going to meet with this summer and you can interpret this list. dylan 's going to do this. dylan 's going to start a farm. the reason i'm meeting with all these people is to figure out what the next best path is inside the privilege the ability of being able to return to places like this with potentially compelling products. if it's confusing, but it's more, for me, it's really actually thrilling. this is the most exciting certainly professional point of my life.

>> are you scared?

>> no, but i was before. i was scared a few weeks ago. before the news was reported, i was very anxious.

>> and what changed?

>> sort of like jumping off a cliff or jumping into a pool. once you jump, you're just in the joy of the swim r or whatever the metaphor is. before you jump, you're thinking about jumping. i was going to go and i don't know, people, how this is going to work. but once it is actually just happening, it is remarkably less anxiety inducing, at least for me.

>> have you heard from people who make your excited about it?

>> the feedback loop is either outrage and dismay. what are you doing? or it is remarkable encouragement and enchoose yaz m because the opportunity to actually do these things and listen. we've had government and people and influence manipulating each other to the debtriment of people. egyptians, pharaohs, samurai. for the first time in the history of the world though there's the level of connectivity and shared information that is giving us these incredible solutions and bypasses for power distortions that are being applied in every field and learning how to be more of that would seem to be the most honorable cause of our time.

>> my last question isn't about you. it's about people watching in. in politics, we have the ask. i need you to register to vote, your phone number. money. if you had one ask for people who want to keep up with you after today, what would it be?

>> we've redesigned the entire website to facilitate that. to take some time yourself, two things, i guess. one, to take this summer to talk to yourself. that really is the big ask . deliberately not fight with each other. pretend that the people you hate may not be the devil for five minutes and ask them to explain to you their thoughts on health, learning, anything that you care about. and in the meantime, obviously, invite folks to go to the new website. the new dylan ratigan.com. these play books represent the best of all those people. david kennedy , collin, arne with germany. my hope is that folks will take some time to american more about how they can get a lot more food, energy. learn a lot more. be a lot healthier and do it in a way that is predicated on stunningly simple and dare i say it, foolish ly simple changes that are proving remarkable increases in results.

>> thank you for sharing this with us. thank you for asking me to do the exit interview , which is fun. fun and easy. and this is over. the show is not over yet.

>> will you be my lawyer at skunk works ?

>> i'll think about it. i'm not going to make that decision this second.

>> mission analysis. you never want to decide things. want to think about things.

>> that's how you get to the right decision. and that's it. the show is not