Dylan Ratigan   |  October 02, 2009

Obamas go for the gold

Oct. 2: Morning Meeting’s Dylan Ratigan and a panel debate whether the first couple’s Olympic bid will convince the IOC to make Chicago the host city for the 2016 games.

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>>> and join the "morning meeting."

>>> morning to you. right now the president is headed home on air force one after making his pitch for chicago to host the 2016 olympics . the decision is hours away as to if chicago will get it. hi, jim.

>> reporter: yeah, that's right. a couple hours away from when the voting starts. it's a sprint to the finish that we all expected. chicago brought in mr. closure himself, the first time any u.s. president has gotten involved with this kind of olympic negotiation. he flew in on air force one and came to the nondescript building behind me where all of this is taking place and made his personal appeal. he was introduced by michelle obama , who perhaps not surprisingly was wearing gold today to send out a certain olympic message. it was ai yin and yang expression expression. barack obama was speaking as the u.s. president , saying that he could bring -- he could guarantee from the white house to the state department across the country the best games ever. here is a little taste of what he had to say today.

>> it's a buffling metropolis with the warmth of a small town , where the world already comes together every day to live and work, and reach for a dream. that's not just the american dream , that's the olympic spirit . it's the essence of the olympic spirit . and that's why we see so much of ourselves in these games. that's why we want them in chicago .

>> reporter: it seems to be coming down to a two- horse race , dylan, between chicago and rio. anything can happen. chicago , i should say, is still the betting favorite, but rio has a lot going for it, too. the copacabana beach , and the passionate president, and the romantic plus, and it would be the first south american city to ever host the olympics . it's nip and tuck. hopefully around 1:00 your time, we will know who the winner is.

>> thank you. chuck todd , white house -- i should say washington post reporter, and a blogger, as well. anne, nice to see you. we will talk about the death of choice for everybody in america on health care , but we start again with the olympics . chuck, what is the political risks if the chicago does not get the games?

>> it's a little risk prestige wise. it would puncture this balloon when it comes to the idea that the president is so popular around the world. all of the reports that we got out of his four hours in copenhagen is that ioc -- the international olympic committee members were grabbing on to him like he was the rock star . bringing him to help chicago , and whether they get it or not, you know, whether they don't get it they were not going to get it if he didn't come. another big that happens before he left, and that is he met with general stanley mcchrystal face-to-face, almost aknonook yao