Jansing and Co   |  June 29, 2011

Could Kabul hotel bombing be an inside job?

After yesterday's brazen attack on the Inter-Continental hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, many are wondering if it was an inside job. NBC's Atia Abawi has the story.

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>>> throngs of summer tourists in new york city seeing beefed up security at the hotels. there's no specific threat but the decision follows a deadly and rare attack in afghanistan on one of kabul's most heavily forty if ied public building. they stormed the building tuesday night and battled with security forces through wednesday morning. dramatic nato rescue unfolded. nbc news learned it may have been an inside job . nbc's reporter is live in kabul and joins me now with the latest. what are you learning about this inside job potentially?

>> reporter: hi, chris. well, our colleagues at the pentagon have just learned from pentagon officials that, in fact, there's a possibility that it could be an inside job and afghan officials as well as nato officials will be investigating to see if that is, in fact, the case. what we do know right now is that one of those suicide bombers detonated his explosives at the first gate at the intercontinental hotel leading the way for the other insurgents to get access to the heavy fortified building. but the question that remains is just how exactly were they able to get in? as you mentioned, this is a very heavily guarded hotel, many people think and are reporting that the taliban may have climbed on the other side of the mountain. this hotel is situated on a hill in afghanistan . there's one road that leads up to the hotel what has two checkpoints and right now they want to investigate to see just how all those explosives were able to make it into the building. there are a lot of things that they have to investigate when it comes to that fact because you not only had to go through a check point with our vehicles to get into the billing, you have to go through a personal security check entering that building. they have to, in fact, investigate how the actual civilians that work at the hotel were going in through security and afghanistan if you want to go through security, you can get by if you know the person so it's not necessarily the safest place in the world, although they do try. we have seen plenty of attacks before in hotels in afghanistan . many people did not expect it to happen at the intercontinental hotel .

>> tia, thank you so much