Jansing and Co   |  March 04, 2013

Touring the pope's new residence

Art historian Elizabeth Lev and Chris Jansing tour the Italian residence, Castle Gandolfo, where Pope Emeritus Benedict is beginning his retirement.

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>>> what makes a subaru, a subaru.

>>> well, cardinals from around the world are gathered today too soon to choose a new poeg open. pope benedict is beginning his retirement, also. it is beautiful and it has a fascinating history as i learned on a tour with rome based art historian elizabeth lousse.

>> what is casto gondolfo?

>> it is a series of hills built out of volcanos and in an area that is a couple of kilometers outside the city. and all of a sudden you're in peaceful, wonderful, quiet area of town.

>> with this beautiful facade of a residence, what is behind the closed doors?

>> i think this facade is always deceptive. extending beyond these doorways, you have a space of villas and gardens that go on and on and on. this is 55 hectors as opposed to the 44 sectors that make up vatican city state .

>> should anybody be surprised that when pope benedict sdooit decided he was going to step down, the fist place he would come is here?

>> though. this has always been a place of refuge . from the moment it was built, the pope used it as a personal place to get out of the heat and the crowds of rome. even during the second world war , this became a place of refuge where we hid many people from the german occupation .

>> including pregnant women .

>> including pregnant women . one of my favorite stories. the pope's own bedroom was reversed for pregnant women and 40 babies were born inside the pope's house.

>> where pope benedict stays now and will stay after his retirement. unbelievable. let me ask you a little bit about what happens here. i mean, sleepy down?

>> it's a population of about 9,000 people. and it seems on a day like this that it's very, very quiet. but on sunday, especially in the summertime is, it fills up and it's very busy. it's a place --

>> he would check out what was cooking in the kitchen? there's also this adorable sign that's down here on the municipal building . and it's in italian, right? so i'm going to have to have you interpret it for me.

>> well, for the jubilee of the ordination of his priest hood, benedict xvi came out here and as a matter of fact this is a place he has come with great joy for many years. as he addressed the people of casto gandolfo, and this is a quotation of the pope's own words in 2011 where he said, here i find everything. i have mountains, i have lakes, i can see the sea and the people are kind. and that is, i think, a wonderful way for us to understand what it's going to mean for benedict xvi to come out and is be among these people that are so dear to him as he prepares for his transition into the monastery and the vatican.

>> this will be the new residence for the new pope, but benedict, will he still be able to come here?

>> i hope so. he loves it so much. 55 hectors, there is so much space. they'll be able to go to different places or maybe they'll want to walk together.

>> that's an interesting thought. thanks