Martin Bashir   |  April 28, 2011

On the royal occasion, remembering Diana

Everyone preparing for Friday’s royal wedding is doing so in the absence of Princess Diana. Martin Bashir offers his thoughts.

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>>> it's time now to "clear the air." and tomorrow morning , westminster abbey just behind me will probably contain the largest gathering of royalty, government and clergy that the country has ever seen. but sadly, one person will not be present and referring the groom's mother, a person beloved around the world. she was aristocratic by birth. she was stunningly beautiful yet offered similar think to those whose bodies had been deformed. but most of all, she was a loving mother who despite suffering depression throughout a difficult marriage tried her level best to protect her two beloved sons. she was not perfect. nobody is. but she was humane and she was loving. and if she were alive this afternoon, she would not only be helping her son laugh and relax before tomorrow's main event , she'd also be offering her deepest sympathies to the families of those whose lives have been devastated in the last 24 hours by the outbreak of horrifying and catastrophic weather conditions in the united states . tomorrow, just after prince william and catherine have said their marriage vows , the choir will sing words from the book of psalms with music specially composed for this ceremony. and the words may be appropriate for all of us. for those who must prepare for tomorrow's wedding and the absence of princess diana own those who must try to rebuild their lives in alabama. be strong and he shall comfort thine heart and put thou thy