Meet the Press   |  January 01, 1910

Tim Russert: Sports fan

June 15: "Meet the Press" looks back at Tim Russert's life as a sports fan.

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MR. RUSSERT: For Big Russ , his buddies back in Buffalo who helped make this country great, for the city of Buffalo and for all the underdogs in this country and around the world, go you Buffalo Bills .

Go Sabers . Bring it home . We want the cup.

How about those Boston College Eagles ? On to the Sweet 16 . Go Eagles .

Go Bills , get those Skins .

Sorry about those Bills , but how about those Sabers ?

St. Albans Bulldogs , 25; the Gonzaga Eagles , 20. Yesterday God was not purple, he was wearing Bulldog blue.

And hey, Buffalo Sabers , nice job. Ten in a row. Make me proud.

Go Bills . Squish the fish. Hold the e-mails, I know dolphins are mammals, but, you know, squish the fish.

If it's Sunday, it's MEET THE PRESS . And, oh yes, go Bills .